Ukrainian Fashion Week

Young Ukrainian Talents at Neo.Fashion

Young Ukrainian Talents at Neo.Fashion

The All-Ukrainian Young Designers contest “LOOK into the Future” is in its 25th edition, continuously since 2000, discovering new names in Ukrainian fashion and supporting emerging young talents, which the Ukrainian fashion industry is prosperous.

Within the partnership between Ukrainian Fashion Week and Berlin Fashion Week, five finalists of the “LOOK into the Future 2024” contest showcased their collections at Neo. Fashion – a project for young designers from Berlin Fashion Week.

Anastasiia Naumenko 

In my design process, I often draw inspiration from the Ukrainian avant-garde art movement, specifically theatrical performances. I often choose edgy themes, issues or conflicts in the person and surroundings, and some personal ‘art performance’ that can provoke sharp feelings or emotions.

In my final BA collection, I researched the concept of the doubles in personality and the society that creates them—the doubles that we have in statuses, desires, abilities, identities, and some inner exploration. In such a parting, I also try to explore the way of healing, putting together frames of reality, even if they don’t work together well. 

The collection is also partly inspired by several artists: Metamorphoses of Rebecca Horn, Jorge Macci and Howardena Pindell, who discuss social and political issues. 

Maria Dobrova

The DOBROVA collection embodies the Ukrainian spirit’s dynamic energy, spirituality, and freedom. It captures the essence of a bold, liberated woman who confidently strides forward despite challenges.

Transformed Ukrainian symbols are expressed through painterly strokes that convey the brilliance and strength of our energy. From the peaceful sky to the boundless sea, each piece of clothing symbolises freedom and harmony with nature.

This is not just clothing—it’s a manifesto of femininity, courage, and resilience. The collection is designed for those who confidently walk through life, believe in themselves, and strive for change. Each piece highlights the uniqueness and strength of its wearer, providing inspiration and confidence.

Sasha Yatchenko

My collection, ‘Armor of the Soul,’ is inspired by samurai armour, symbolising strength and freedom. The layered nature of these armours is reflected in my designs, where layers and textures create unique depth and complexity. Each layer has its meaning and function, akin to traditional armour. 

I am a designer from Kyiv, a beautiful historical city, and I have always respected the historical value of traditions. I am fascinated by the uniqueness of different cultures and strive to integrate their elements into my creations. In the ‘Armor of the Soul’ collection, I blend Japanese aesthetics with New York street style, incorporating Berlin grunge and the self-expression of New York, creating a unique blend of past and present. I love to play with the contrast of different styles and perspectives. 

My style synthesises a big city’s high fashion and street style dynamics. I aim for my designs to be contemporary and historically rich, allowing everyone to express their individuality through fashion.

Tanya Metelko

In my artworks and creative experiments, I strive to find new aesthetic forms and ways to express an elusive sense of beauty by combining diverse materials, objects, and ideas into unexpected compositions. Moreover, my vision is heavily influenced by various theatre forms, which infuse dramatic concepts and compositions into my art projects. 

The collection «My Jewelries are Crimson» represents the human body as the highest art form. In this collection, I stylise the graphics of human anatomy elements to showcase their unquestionable and accomplished beauty as perfectly composed creations. I explore the dynamic of their roles in discussions of sexuality, human relationships, gender roles, religion, and beauty modifications. 

Kostenko Yelyzaveta

My latest collection explores the evolution of our emotions from the initial spark of a dream to the despair of realising it may never be achieved. Over the years, I’ve experienced numerous unfulfilled dreams, which drove me to explore this topic. 

Drawing inspiration from the ongoing war in Ukraine and my unfulfilled dreams, I sought to create a collection that encapsulates this concept. 

The designs weave together elements of personal nostalgia and resilience, honouring the enduring spirit of those who continue to dream despite life’s challenges.

Credits: Gerome Defrance