Ukrainian Fashion Week

UFEG Anthropocene graduate project

UFEG Anthropocene graduate project


We entered the era dominated by the human race a long time ago and, naturally,  it has placed great responsibility on the fashion industry. 

That’s why students’ graduation project is dedicated to the Anthropocene concept, an idea that inspires young designers to come up with new approaches to clothes creation.

Therefore young designers are constantly looking for novel solutions and foster new symbiotic relationships with the planet.

That is precisely what this graduation project is all about. There are two blocks presented: Zero-waste and bio-design.

The Zero-Waste project was inspired by contemporary architects, who create futuristic buildings and spaces for the 21st century citizens. At Ukrainian Fashion Week designers will be presenting garments as art objects that encourage us to think and pay attention to the forms and functions of the future clothes. What is more, students applied a zero-waste pattern making approach which simply eliminates textile waste at a design stage.

The BIODESIGN block is devoted to the greenest way to make clothes. For the first time in Ukraine students will be presenting “alive garments” created using mushroom mycelium. The project was created in collaboration with S.Lab, where the biodegradable garments were grown. Through their models designers of the project transmit a message that not only can people save the Earth, but they will also be able to recreate the ecosystem and continue life on Earth.

The project was created by UFEG graduates: Orlova Julia, Korkina Nadia, Mariia Sopina, Stacy Chemerchenko, Maria Rudenko, Alena Grishina