Ukrainian Fashion Week

“Tviy Den” in fashion and art

“Tviy Den” in fashion and art

TV stars presented works by young Ukrainian artists in OVERALL clothes

On 4th September, as a part of the biggest fashion event, the 49th season of Ukrainian Fashion Week was presented the project “Dress Ukrainian art” by the Overall brand.  Seven 1 + 1 stars: Ruslana Pysanka, Vlad Yama, Timur Miroshnychenko, Iryna Vannykova, Volodymyr Rabchun, Yegor Gordeyev and Lyudmyla Barbir walked on the

The project by the OVERALL brand “Dress Ukrainian art” is a collaboration of the TV show “Tviy Den” on 1 + 1, Viva! magazine and creative teams from the world of fashion, art and gloss: designers, stylists, artists, photographers, videographers, editors, directors, for an important educational mission – to familiarize the wider public with the world of modern art.

 “Extremely little – only 0.5% of Ukrainians visit galleries and museums, even fewer – know the modern art new names.  Participating in the project, popular TV presenters joined the mission – to make art comprehensive and interesting for millions, and the names of talented artists – familiar for every Ukrainian”, – the owner of the OVERALL brand Anastasia Bratkova mentioned.

 The show “Dress Ukrainian Art” took place in the original format and consisted of two parts.  In the first, there was a fashion show with TV stars accompanied by professional models under the track Close Up by the Parisian hip-hop group doP.  In their performances, the band appears in Overall costumes from the collaboration of the brand and Vladimir WaOne Manjos.  In the second part, all participants of the show stood on pedestals, like sculptures in the exhibition hall.  For the moment, the main catwalk of the country turned into an exhibition of contemporary art, where guests could move freely between art objects and see the details of images and the beauty of each fashion thing.

 The audience blew up social networks with their photos and selfies with TV stars in overalls: everyone wanted to save a photo from this unusual show.  Among the invited guests were artists whose paintings become prints for the project “Dress Ukrainian Art”: Dmytro Fatum, Oleksandr Barbolin, AVE, Françoise Oz and Bohdan Perevertun, Yevhen Lisnyak, Inna Kharchuk, Les Panchyshyn, Nina Murashkina, Anna Kostrytska, Alina  Sevgil Musayeva, Editor-in-Chief of Ukrainian Pravda, Iryna Danylevska, head of the Organizing Committee of Ukrainian Fashion Week, Alina Pash and soloist of the Parisian band doP, gallery owner Lika Spivakovska and art dealer Ihor Abramovich, Anna Dobrydneva, Ihor Posypayko, Oleksiy Hagadriusky Gladudu, popular bloggers Tanya Savitska, Orest Muriy with his wife, Tetyana Nikolenko, Murafa and Anton Skuratov, mother of Yegor Gordeyev Olena Ivanivna, journalists, fashion experts.

The producer of the show “Tviy Den” and a jury member of the project “Dress Ukrainian Art” Yegor Gordeyev demonstrated a jumpsuit with elements of street art.  Yegor comes from Kyiv and has chosen work with a relevant story: about the way art saved the urban space.  The artist – Dmytro Fatum – a famous muralist from Kyiv made a mural, which depicted iron robots that in fact stopped the vandals.  Until now, the facade of the store near the Zhytniy market was brazenly damaged.

“We feel that we have joined the responsible and necessary case for society – to tell about new talents of modern art and their ideas.  After the catwalk, this story will continue on our live broadcast of “Tviy Den” on 1 + 1 and on YouTube.  On Monday, 6th September, you will have a unique opportunity to win T-shirts with prints depicting paintings by young Ukrainian artists who took part in the project.  And we are waiting to see you on the streets of cities, in the subway, on trips – where my colleagues and I will appear in these beautiful garments as well.  Because art is getting closer!  It is already in your day and your space.  Look around” – Yegor Gordeyev said.

 Volodymyr Rabchun is connected with the artist Oleksandr Barbolin by a common country – Israel.  The TV presenter moved to Ukraine and Oleksandr from time to time continues to live there.

The artist’s collage on the TV presenter’s overall is made in hot yellow colours with the image of people and silhouettes – it is about search and faith, about the fact that everyone will find the most valuable in life – a place, a job, love.

XXL supermodel Ruslana Pysanka appeared on the catwalk in a dress with motives of a work by Kyiv artist named Ave.  Millefleur’s canvas is a rethinking of a variety of woven carpets – ornaments from 15th century France.  The fabric has a rich emerald colour with flowers and plants patterns.  In the centre of the composition is a magnificent golden flower, which symbolizes light, strength, and spiritual rebirth.

 Irina Vannikova’s overall depict figures of people with their arms stretched out to the sky.  This is the work of the creative duo by Odesa residents Françoise Oz and Bohdan Perevertun – it tells about communication, help and unity.  It’s about the fact that all humans are connected, although there are sometimes long distances between us.

 On the catwalk, Timur Miroshnychenko demonstrated the work by Yevhen Lisnyak, which consisted of a mosaic of multicoloured paints.  This abstract picture conveys the feelings and emotions of the average person in one ordinary day.

Vlada Yama was wearing a modern rethinking of ethnic motives.  The artist Inna Kharchuk popularizes traditional Ukrainian folk art in the new interpretation – as part of modern fashion.

Lyudmyla Barbir, the most stylish host of the “Snidanok” on 1 + 1, also supported her colleagues and joined the show.  On her overall, the elements of the painting by Lviv artist Lesya Panchyshyn were colourful penguins.  Their population is rapidly declining due to global warming.  The artist pays attention to the ecology and the importance of preserving these beautiful seabirds!

The Overall brand is recognizable due to a single product – overalls with bright art prints.  But the main goal is not just to dress everyone in elegant clothes, but to make Ukrainian art and culture fashionable with the help of a bright and expressive symbol.  Each product reproduces the work of an outstanding Ukrainian contemporary artist.  The brand had the great honour of working with Alexander Roitburd and perpetuating his masterpieces in modernist silhouettes.  Things with paintings by Volodymyr WAOne Manjos, Vasyl Tsagolov and Roman Minin also became fruitful cooperation.

“The mission of the project is to make Ukrainian art and culture fashionable with the help of a bright and expressive symbol.  To convey Ukrainian art to a large audience.  After all, 0,5 % of the population who already visit galleries and art festivals will understand Ukrainian art without us.  And the fact that the hosts of the country’s most popular TV channel are involved in the promotion of art will start a new development of art in the country” – Anastasia Bratkova, the founder of the Overall clothing brand, mentioned.

 For participation in the social project “Dress Ukrainian Art” young Ukrainian artists were selected by Iryna Danylevska, head of the organizing committee of Ukrainian Fashion Week, Ihor Abramovich, art dealer, Yegor Gordeyev, producer of the show “Tviy Den” on 1 + 1, and Sevgil Musaeva, editor-in-chief of “Ukrainska Pravda”, director of the capital’s culture department Yana Barinova, curator and founder of the Tuasho agency Anna Avetova and editor-in-chief of “Viva!” magazine  Ivanna Slaboshpytska.

There were selected from 282 applications the brightest artists working in different styles – abstract impressionism, graffiti, collage, expressive graphics etc.  The brand signed a contract with each winner, according to which their works were used as prints for the new collection.  All artists, according to the agreement, will receive royalties from the sale of garments that have become “canvases” for their work.  For clients of the brand and fans of the artists themselves, this is a great opportunity to wear modern and at the same time authentic clothes, to wear Ukrainian art.  To create an intellectually oriented community that will support Ukrainian culture around the world.  The prints of the collection have become works by Oleksandr Barbolin, Yevhen Lisnyak, Lesia Panchyshyn, Nina Murashkina, Françoise Oz and Bohdan Perevertun, Kinder Album, Dima Fatum, Hrytsia Erde, Ave, Anna Kostrytska, Alina Luhovska and Inna Kharchuk.

The brand, created by Anastasia Bratkova, is designed to inspire experiments and at the same time embodies the idea of ​​sustainable consumption – clothing, art and culture.  The founder adheres to the concept of supporting the copyright tradition, which is extremely relevant nowadays.

 “Each client of the brand contributes to the appropriate development of Ukrainian culture by purchasing a thing that is decorated with a licensed print by one of the contemporary Ukrainian artists,” – the brand’s founder Anastasia Bratkova mentioned.

The new collection includes shirts and flowing trousers in the spirit of oriental romanticism, jackets and overalls such as tactical and outdoor chic that are relevant in the new season.

 Famous star stylist Kyrylo Kharytontsev worked on the embodiment of the looks and the show.

 The multimedia presentation of the art project is a powerful step towards millions of spectators in Ukraine and around the world.

 On 18th and 19th September, this collection of overall will be demonstrated in Berlin, in Mitte, in the Pop Up Store.

 Moreover, the heroes of the project “Dress Ukrainian Art” – TV presenters “Tviy Den” and “Snidaniok” on 1 + 1 in the fall will appear on the pages of the most popular magazine about the stars “Viva!”  through the camera of the famous photographer Serhiy Melnychenko – Leica Award winner Oskar Barnack, participant of the Paris Photo and Art Basel festivals, founder and curator of the MYPH team.