Ukrainian Fashion Week

Exhibition of Digital and Crypto Art FRAMELESS

Exhibition of Digital and Crypto Art FRAMELESS

Ukrainian Fashion Week and Mint a Star present the Exhibition of Digital and Crypto Art FRAMELESS 2 – 5 September 2021

 The exhibition works from Thursday to Sunday at the Mystetskiy Arsenal, Lavrska st. 10-12, Kyiv.  The entrance is free.

The opening of the exhibition will be on 2nd September at 6:30 p.m.

Ukrainian Fashion Week and the art agency Mint a Star present the exhibition of 17 artists from different regions of Ukraine, who create in the form of digital and crypto art.

The name FRAMELESS was chosen for the exhibition because in digital and crypto art in the literal and figurative sense there are no frames, inherent in traditional art.  As a rule, digital art exists in the form of graphic and video files contained on various technical media.  It can be often copied and easily transferred from one device to another.  Some works of digital art are tokenized, which is designed in the form of so-called NFT tokens, which are registered using blockchain technology.  Artists who create with the help of digital technologies have a very wide range of technical means and tools that allow them to create their own unique style and authenticity.

 The theme of the exhibition is related to the understanding and interpretation of the phenomenon of modern fashion in a broad sense.  Curators were not limited in the genre bounds, so the works are performed in various techniques using modern visual technologies: illustration, 3D modelling, collage, animation, sculpting and drawing in virtual reality.

 The content of the works, despite the fact that they are united by a common theme, is very diverse.  Some of the artists work with contemporary social narratives and explore the impact of progress on humanity.  Others glean ideas from exploring themselves, working with material, form and media.  Part of the work is devoted to the study of the act of artistic creativity, as well as abstract ideas that are in modern philosophical discourse.

 Tais Poda, the curator of the exhibition: “This project is unique because of its interdisciplinarity, as it takes place in the space of Ukrainian Fashion Week and, in fact, is dedicated to the contemporary contextual study of the symbolic series of modern fashion.  Digital and crypto art are very responsive to modern fashion trends and are a bridge between traditional art and the fashion industry.  Exactly in this area occurs the greatest number of collaborations between artists and brands, there is a blend of different styles and the emergence of innovative artistic solutions.

 Artists, who presented at the exhibition: Aleksey Yalovega (Yalo), Anastasiia Yalovega (Olay.Ana), Anftimatter, Anton Shevchenko, Artem Matiushenko, Dmitriy Popov, FREEBOID Nikita Khudyakov, Jungle Symbol, Krolikowski Art, Nickmotion, Oleksii Kareziin, Sasha Q, Sergii Diadko Aka Gydravlik / Cryptogeometry Art, Svitlana Reinish, Vlas Belov, Zhannet Podobed.

 The curator of the FRAMELESS exhibition is the art agency Mint a Star.

 The exhibition is supported by Absolute Yachts – a leading Italian shipyard specializing in the construction of motor yachts.  

Exhibition partner: V-Art – a platform for demonstration, sale and collection of digital art.

 We are waiting for you at the exhibition from Thursday to Sunday at the Mystetskiy Arsenal,  Lavrska st. 10-12, Kyiv. The entrance is free.


 Superstructure, 2021

 Our fragile shell with a strong essence wears clothes, masks and conditions.  Is it protection, camouflage?  Or is it our manifestation?  This complex structure keeps us in the fairway of life.  It is an alloy of our beliefs and other people’s judgments about us.  Something new is hidden under each layer of this structure.  As all of us hide something and demonstrate something depending on expectations and aspirations, fashion and context.


 Satellites, 2021

 We go together, we have one road.  We will be a support and a strength for each other.

 Animated surreal digital collage with elements created by AI.  Human talent is united with complex and sometimes incomprehensible machine algorithms.  In the world of the future, this combination will become a habit.  And only the eternal archetypes of human consciousness will always be recognizable by our eyes and heart.


 Emergence of Creativity

 How do you feel when a creative idea comes to your mind?  Does not it feel like your head is opening and ideas are starting to fly out of it like butterflies?  Then they live their own lives – make others happy, fill the world with colours, burn their wings, fall into the collection or disappear without a trace with the onset of winter.  But the cycle of creativity is infinite, and each time flocks of new butterflies fill the space around the creator.


 God’s Hand

 The artefact has been turned into a piece of art.  This hand once created universes.  Now, embodied in the art form, it has become a work of art and fits into the fashion canons of modern aesthetics.  The Cosmogony tool has become a collector’s item.

 But even the visual image preserves the memory of high meanings and reproduces the grandeur of the act of creation.


 Absorbed by Nature

 Full immersion in the spring.  Fragrant herbs.  Dandelion fluff and solar heat are felt on the face skin.  Look at the sky.  The clouds that accompany their gaze and the thoughts that float after them.  The feeling of time disappears.  And you feel yourself a part of an endless stream of life called Nature.


 Born in the City

 Nature in the modern city is a secondary element, subject to today’s canons of planning and urbanism.  Urban style, urban fashion, urban culture – they form a special lifestyle, full of comfort, dynamics and diversity.  Although sometimes you miss the colours of flowers, the glitter of dew on the grass and butterflies … And at such a moment you can recreate the natural shape with the prints of your feet and palms.  These images draw attention to the problems of animal extinction and over-urbanization.


 XR plasticity exploration 5

 The shape of the object is created in virtual reality and the patterns are added in the author’s polygonart technique in a 3D editor.  The XR plasticity exploration project is a search for a new aesthetic language that is relevant for the meta universes of virtual and augmented reality.


 Shambala Fashion

 The average person does not have the ability to see the physical world as a wave of energy.  But artists have imagination, intuition and vision.  They are the ones who give the opportunity to look into the quantum world, where material beauty becomes a harmonious structure and ideal proportions are transformed in fractal geometry.  And as a result – familiar to the human eye Beauty begins to acquire new, abstractly embodied forms, no less beautiful than Nature itself.



 The substance formed as a result of the supernew explosion became the basis of a strange phenomenon of the universe – intelligent life.  It is the development of intelligence that people owe to their survival.  In this collage, we see the heroes of the Dream Factory: robots C3PO, R2D2 and “postmodern” Venus – Barbarella.  Fictional images embody the transition of developed countries from the production of things to the production of ideas.  Fashion as a concept and fashion as an idea becomes self-worth in a post-industrial society, independent of the act of realization in the physical objects.



 Eternal image of female beauty.  Mother, sister, beloved.  Everyone imagines her in their own way and everyone recognizes in her a native face.  She is modern, fashionable, technological and at the same time sensitive and gentle.  She is the one who gives boundless love.  Happy birthday, Motherland!


 My Sweet Kandinsky

 What would a classic look like today?  Yesterday, abstraction was a tool for the synthesis of arts, the search for a balance between colour and form.  Today, abstraction is one of the visual trends in social networks.  In fashion marshmallow tones, geometry, visual lightness and moderate irony.  Can an artist generate a piece of art every day?  Will social networks become new museums, repositories of digital heritage?  Will blockchain registers perpetuate the names of the new classicists?  Sometimes the nature of art is just to enjoy and not think about the future.



 Autumn is the most mysterious time of the year.  At the end of August, it sneaks up almost unnoticed, and then gently reminds itself of the cool breeze.  From the 1st of September Autumn begins its ritual and paints nature in gold and orange colors.  As a true master, she creates her miracles.  The season changes and every year Autumn presents a new collection of natural beauty.



 In the visible universe, there are many more ways to be dead than alive –

this proves to us the Fermi paradox.  Life is a constant battle with entropy and even death is not the end in the world of carbon-based life forms.  The atomic structure that we are all made of is part of a huge, decomposing cyclical game and eventually, our body becomes just fertilizer for always beautiful flowers.  Death and Life is a dance that will last forever.


 Golden Merkaba

 Merkaba is a tool for ascension into other dimensions.  It harmonizes the two hemispheres of the brain and restores the connection between them.  Merkaba contributes to spiritual growth and helps us to connect with our Higher Self. Transmutation gold is a symbol of eternal alchemical search.  Gold and perfect shapes are part of modern fashion.  In the physical world, they have become the object of desire of most people.



 Optical illusions and unobtrusive observation of the movement of the elements create a hypnotic effect.  Forms and smooth lines as the pursuit of perfection.  The ideal is unattainable, but it can be approached by creating harmonious objects, exceptional and unique.  Fashion is an eternal movement in search of Beauty and attempts to embody it.


 Fashion Hueshin

 The Fashion Hueshn show is an ironic statement on the subject of fashion.  The author touches on the concept of labour (including construction) as an act of creativity.  Another subtext of the collection is revealed in the names and images, where the models are the electorate and the fashion designer is the government class, which sets the style of clothing by its laws and economic situation.


 Full of Bugs # 4

 Bugs are “mistakes”, personal oddities that often make a person beautiful and unusual.  Art reveals the inner states that occur completely independently of us.  But the deeper a person immerses in himself or herself, the more he or she learns and accepts his or her own inner world.  Moreover, the person realizes that strengths and uniqueness are hidden in all the oddities and imperfections.

 Fashion is a self-manifestation of uniqueness, perception of yourself as you are.