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“The first swallows”. L.A.B by Ternovskaya x Dolya

“The first swallows”. L.A.B by Ternovskaya x Dolya

The L.A.B by Ternovskaya brand and illustrator Olga Dvoryanska presented a new collaboration – a limited collection of scarves with coded coordinates of “Swallow’s Nest” in Yalta, Crimea.

The new handkerchief lovingly depicts a map of the world, woven from meridians and parallels, but at an unusual angle … Just enter the GPS coordinates in the navigator: N 44.25’50.599 E 34.7’41.7 – and these numbers are converted into emotions related with childhood memories, the first holiday romance, family or loved one. The DNA of the L.A.B by Ternovskaya brand is inextricably linked with the Crimea – and thanks to the artist and designer Olga Dvoryanskaya, the geographical codes of the peninsula are “sewn” into beautiful silk scarves and twills.

Spring is a symbol of a new beginning, great hopes are placed on it and changes are waiting for it. Crimean brand L.A.B by Ternovskaya has launched a new direction – accessory design. The first collection was created in collaboration with illustrator Olga Dvoryanska, who is known for her fashion collaborations with Tina Karol and Ukrainian Fashion Week. The silk handkerchief depicts a coordinate point, which encrypts not only the boundless love of the L.A.B brand for the native peninsula, but also the exact latitude and longitude of the Swallow’s Nest castle. “This majestic building stands on the very cliff and looks mesmerizing, because only a brave man who can think without limits could build a castle in such a place. The strength of such places lies in their popularity and, of course, the ability to touch something outstanding. It gives people faith that the impossible becomes possible, ”comments L.A.B brand designer Olga Ternovska.

Silk twill was used to create stylish handkerchiefs and ribbons. And the minimalist print and restrained range of colors are a reflection of the latest fashion trends. The “vigilant” stereotype has been erased from the handkerchiefs, the portrait of the person wearing them and the options for use have completely changed. Scarves, in addition to standard options, are worn as tops, skirts, vests, unusual additions to jackets and headdresses, “says Olga Dvoryanska. – Encoded messages, words that show an open position appear more and more often in prints. I immediately agreed to work on the implementation of an unusual idea, although I had to break my head. After all, behind the seemingly external simplicity and minimalism lies a deep meaning. The idea, proposed by the brand L.A.B by Ternovskaya, touches on the living and finds an echo of personal history. Art is born to speak, to inspire, to open eyes, and the main thing – to unite », – the artist is sure.

On this handkerchief, the creator seemed to interfere with the usual coordinate system – and disrupted the course of events. The main message of the capsule – all the curved lines converge at one point. If you enter these coordinates in Google Maps, the numbers will “turn” into emotions. For many, these emotions are a division into past and future.

Photo: Vita Grozdytska

Model: Yuliya Khromtseva

Style: Anna Krasnoshapka

Beauty: Iryna Khomyakova