Ukrainian Fashion Week

LVIV FASHION SCHOOL: graduate show

LVIV FASHION SCHOOL: graduate show

Graduates of the Lviv School of Fashion showed their collections on the catwalk of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Oleksandra Volchak, the designer of the KOHHEN brand, uses mostly natural ethical materials, recycled second-hand items, wood, glass, and metal. The source of inspiration for the collection is a sense of liminality: the borderline state of changing identities, values, paradigms and consciousness. There are presented forms, derived from the style of Lviv secession, that are associated with the preservation of Ukrainian traditionality.

Oksana Tsvyk’s collection “Lviv Secession” is a smooth shapes and symmetry of the main facades. Textures are in harmony with the source of inspiration. Jeans symbolize walls, strength, durability; transparent fabric – windows and glass-doors; black graphic lines are inspired by the metal fencing of balconies and gates. Clothing, like architecture, is what makes our lives comfortable and convenient, gives mood, inspiration and uniqueness.

Designer of the BEDNARS’KA brand Maria Lytvyn emphasizes: “Don’t watch the clock!”, “No rules, no limits”. In the capsule collection “TIME LORDS” that in the steampunk style, the author offers to combine light fabrics with coarse and choose the mood of the day. The collection will help to delve into the combination of fashion trends of different historical epochs, taste the present and nostalgia for the aesthetics of the past.

Iryna Lyubinska presented the “Liberta” collection (Svoboda). These clothes, according to the designer, will help to be free and different, at the same time strict and romantic, will help to be yourself. Iryna was inspired by the multidimensional Lviv. “In this collection, I wanted to describe it in two styles: Provence and military. Provence is a place of rest and romance, where peace of mind, love, balance between spiritual, mental and physical reigns. Military is an eternal struggle for the freedom of Ukraine, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of choice.

BERLIZEVA & flower fairy jewelry. The new “Rainy soul” collection, created together with jeweler Agatha Lilo, combines lightness, transparency and fluidity to convey the feeling of rain as much as possible. There prevail transparent and shiny fabrics, which are complemented by the absolutely transparent decor and handmade accessories. The main goal of a brand is to show how much a person is connected to the environment.