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DEVOHOME won Green Product Award 2023

DEVOHOME won Green Product Award 2023

Hemp Fur Coat from Ukrainian sustainable brand DEVOHOME won the Green Product Award 2023 in the category of Fashion

Participants from 40 countries submitted a record of 1300 entries to the Awards, demonstrating through their participation and interest in the Awards the importance of ideas, products, concepts and materials in shaping a more sustainable future. 

„The hemp fur project shows, how unnecessary it is, to breed animals for the sole good of producing fur, while plantbased is a true alternative in fashion but also in fields where warm cloth is needed.“— оfficial Green Product Award Jury Statement.

Unique plant-based hemp fur was created by Devohome in 2018 in Ukraine and patented in 2021. It is a substitute for animal and synthetic fur and is biodegradable. 


1. 100% natural and biodegradable 
2. vegan
3. antibacterial/antifungal 
4. warm, up to 30C
5. absorbs moisture 

The brand has large industrial production of HempFur and strives to share its patent, technology, and product with the fashion world. Their aim is to substitute as much animal and synthetic fur usage as possible!