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YADVIGA NETYKSHA FW21-22 Portraits’ Campaign

YADVIGA NETYKSHA FW21-22 Portraits’ Campaign

The campaign of the new collection is an attempt to look into the face of a person in love, is it real before us in the period of love or a ghostly image that we invent for ourselves?

Fashion collection YADVIGA NETYKSHA FW21 / 22 “Kyiv. I love you” is the collection dedicated to hometown, the collection-almanac in the style of feature films “Paris, I love you”, “Berlin, I love you”… a kind of contribution to the series of films about love on the background of the big city, embodied in clothes, fabric, image, men’s suit.

What are they: in love with Kyiv or in love in Kyiv? 15 models, images… 15 love stories or 15 bows of one love story? A confession of love for the city or a love story against the background of Kyiv’s neighborhoods and streets?

Collection “Kyiv. I love you” FW21 / 22 by YADVIGA NETYKSHA – a walk in love with each other and the city.