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Ukrainian brand WILD HEARTS introduces debut collection

Put extra labels on the clothes, assign authorship of the global trends, buy items of the brand just because of its creative director… For the WILD HEARTS brand, which is created by the young anonymous designer, the clothes – are the priority. WILD HEARTS communicate with the language of fashion, not personal PR. 

Name in the world of nowadays fashion become louder than labels and wear. Still, it isn’t the central role of stylish clothing to be distinctive, bear hidden meanings, and give its owner a feeling of self-identity and uniqueness. We have to look at the pieces and not through them, noting just the people behind them. Fashion is cyclical, there is no need to deny it, all the trends have been invented before, and the mission of the creative heads of the fashion world is to refine them and give a second life. 

With such a message a fresh brand WILD HEARTS bursts into the fashion world and presents its debut collection. The creator and designer of the label is sure that it’s easy to turn clothes into works of art, give a special meaning to them, or just make a new trend model that would be popular. But all the attention must be on the dress. This is why, when someone tries to find more information about the WILD HEARTS creator, it will be hard to do, as the emerging designer has decided to remain anonymous. His main idea is to make people fall in love with clothes and draw the attention of those who will be really interested in his work. 

The designer himself says that the brand is created for fashion killas. The first collection was made in this spirit: somehow weird, somehow simple, somehow extravagant, but in any case, stylish. It’s easy to define black and white as the basic colours of the collection, as 90% of the line is made in such shades: dresses with open backs, blazers with cuts on the waist, sexy leather trousers, T-shirts and fluffy dresses – the main models of the collection.