Ukrainian Fashion Week

We celebrate fashion in Ukraine:

We celebrate fashion in Ukraine:

Announcement of the program of the anniversary year of Ukrainian Fashion Week

2022 is the year of the 25th anniversary of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

On January 31, the presentation of the Ukrainian Fashion Week jubilee year program took place in the PMHUB event space for creative events.

Founded in 1997, Ukrainian Fashion Week united Ukrainian designers in the industry and became the first Fashion Week not only in the post-Soviet area but also in Central Europe. In 2022, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Ukrainian Fashion Week and modern Ukrainian fashion.

Ukrainian Fashion Week:

– the platform for supporting young designers;
– the centre of sustainable fashion education and networking in Ukraine;
– the starting point of brands that have become world-famous;
– the point of intersection and interaction of industries;
– the tribune from which we address society about deep social problems;
– the platform that unites the creative community;
– the place where Ukrainian fashion becomes global.

“For 25 years, we have worked hard to become the industry’s unifying force and its most influential player. In 1997, designers received a call from the Ukrainian Fashion Week to unite in the industry, and today we are ready to talk about its future, about its development in the most important directions – sustainability, digitalization, inclusiveness and diversity”, – Iryna Danylevska, founder and CEO of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Andrew Foxall, Oleksandra Dimitriievych, Iryna Danylevska

The calendar of the anniversary year is full of bright events: February and September Fashion Weeks, BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit, the “FRAMELESS” project – collaborations of fashion designers with digital artists and representatives of crypto art, the “Ukraine is the Center of my Universe” project within the London Fashion Week program, as well as special projects with influential national and international media.

In addition, the Ukrainian Fashion Week team is planning a large-scale multimedia exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of modern Ukrainian fashion. The project will combine the most innovative formats: interactive, digital and immersive. The exposition will demonstrate the achievements of the Ukrainian fashion industry from 1997 to the present day.

Within the “FashionMETROpolis” project, the Kyiv subway will become a place where everyone can get a new aesthetic experience and be inspired by the creativity of modern Ukrainian designers. This collaboration will open a new page in the history of Ukrainian fashion and testify to its inclusiveness and desire for openness.

Moreover, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary, Ukrainian Fashion Week presents a new visual identity, which was developed by the London-based creative agency Foxall Studio. Having experience in publishing (art directors and designers of Vogue and GQ work in the team), the studio develops projects in fashion, beauty, art, design, technology and culture areas. The Foxall Studio portfolio includes works for Vogue, Selfridges, YouTube, Nowness and SHOWstudio.

The new branding of Ukrainian Fashion Week attests to the changes that are taking place inside the company on its way to technologization and a stronger focus on the audience and the community.

“Fashion is about exciting emotions and there is nothing more emotional than celebrating 25 years… That’s why the identity we developed communicates the highlights that everyone almost subconsciously associates with fashion, from camera flashes and parties to loud music and dancing “, – Andrew Foxall, creative director of Foxall Studio.

Andrew Foxall

It is to remind you that the new season of Ukrainian Fashion Week FW22-23, which will take place in Kyiv on February 3–6, will start the series of events for the anniversary year.

Фото: Антон Чехов, Євгенія Комаровська