Ukrainian Fashion Week

The annual Vogue UA Conference is returning to its traditional format for the first time since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, to once again bring together leading speakers and major brands in the fashion, beauty, and technology industries. The goal is to discuss how to adapt to the crisis and find inspiration, opportunities, and resources for the preservation and growth of businesses.

Ukrainian Vogue will once again unite representatives of leading domestic and global companies in the fashion, beauty, technology sectors, as well as designers, entrepreneurs, retailers, and creatives to find answers to today’s most pressing questions. Ukrainian designers Ivan Frolov, Katya Silchenko, and the founders of Gunia Project, Maria Havryliuk and Natalia Kamenska, will share their experiences on how to take a brand onto the international stage and develop a business in the conditions of war. Jen Sidari, the founder and CEO of the online retailer Angel for Fashion, will talk about taking a business to an international level, and Julia Sviridenko, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Ukraine, will detail how to obtain grants for business development in Ukraine and other state support. The event will be opened with an online address by Anna Wintour. The conference will also address the application of artificial intelligence and technological innovations in the fashion industry, as well as the construction of a sustainable business in the face of overproduction. For example, Shana Chu will share her experience in optimizing production processes using AI, and Tamara Leguay from WGSN, a trend forecasting agency in fashion and lifestyle, will discuss next year’s trends from the perspective of sustainability and AI.

“The Ukrainian Vogue editorial team is excited about how leaders in the fashion industry are finding new opportunities to create and develop businesses and take them to a global level despite all the challenges related to the war in Ukraine. Ukrainian designers and brands demonstrate incredible adaptability and determination, and we are all united with the common goal of victory and support for those in need. Each story and experience is unique, truly inspiring, and worth sharing. That’s why we decided to host the Vogue UA Fashion & Business conference this autumn with the symbolic title of the first meeting, ‘Today,’ to explore the best cases and unconventional approaches: how the fashion business can influence and attract, create and evolve, be resilient and inventive in conditions of uncertainty and wild risks,” says Yulia Kostetska, the publisher of Ukrainian Vogue. “At Vogue UA Fashion & Business Today, we will address important topics about the biggest challenges of today for the fashion industry. We will focus on themes of sustainability, adaptability, and innovation. On November 1, the Ukrainian Vogue conference will bring together speakers from leading companies in the fashion, beauty, and technology sectors, as well as designers, entrepreneurs, retailers, creatives, and representatives of international companies and brands.”


A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will be directed to the Veteranka foundation, which is involved in the rehabilitation of women veterans.

The host of the Vogue UA Conference is TV presenter and volunteer Katerina Osadcha.

The full list of speakers and the conference program will be published on the website by October 20, 2023.

Conference partners: automotive partner BMW, fragrance partner BURBERRY, and alcohol partner Zacapa.