Ukrainian Fashion Week

Ukrainian Fashion Week noseason sept 2021: Fresh Fashion

Ukrainian Fashion Week noseason sept 2021: Fresh Fashion

The New Generation of Fashion continues in Ukraine. This is a unique project by the Ukrainian Fashion Council for young designers, which has a multipurpose program that consists of an educational part, mentoring and showing the collections of participants.

New Generation of Fashion 2021 is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

The final part of the project will be a great fashion show of the participants’ collections. We are introducing the designers-participants of the project, who will show their collections on the Fresh Fashion platform at the Ukrainian Fashion Week noseason sept 2021.

The POSTUSHNA brand was founded in 2020. At the moment it has three collections. The brand philosophy is functionality through the prism of aesthetics. Simple lines, noble practicality and borrowing of men’s and women’s things create a certain peculiarity.

It all started with adherence to stock stores, flea markets and second-hand shops. There was an idea of ​​reusing things, turning them into new wearable things, but already in the concept of the brand. The designer tries to convey to the potential consumer that clothes are not only a beautiful “wrapper”, but also a specific message to society.

Features of the brand are clothes are made from recycled garments; transformer suits can be combined both with each other and with usual basic things; multilayered as the basic principle of creating clothes.

In 2020, Yulia Postushna was one of the participants in the Ukrainian Fashion Week educational program for young designers – she gained experience in developing a capsule collection based on the principles of upcycling, which was presented at the FASHION ACCELERATOR SHOW last September. She also participated in the project “RE: IMAGINE”, which was mentored by London-based sustainable designer Patrick McDowell as part of the BE SUSTAINABLE! Fashion Summit. In 2021, she worked with DHL to create a capsule collection from the recycled uniform “POSTUSHNA Re-Fashion for DHL”, which was presented during Ukrainian Fashion Week.

SIDLETSKIY is a Ukrainian women’s clothing brand, founded in 2019 by designer Igor Sidletsky.

The future designer started creating his first clothes at the age of 12, as he got a sewing machine and a mannequin. Creative vision was formed by the education at the Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts. I. Trusha and the main influence on the formation of the brand was the contest “Look into the future”.

After the singer Jamala appeared in the Sidletskiy jacket, and the iconic pleated dress was presented by the muse of the brand Onuka, a big step took place.

In February 2020, the brand debuted on the catwalk of the Ukrainian Fashion Week with a bright emotional show, which determined the further vector of the brand’s development. Sidletskiy strives to make women more beautiful, emphasizing their personality with luxurious clothes of complex silhouettes. The three main principles in creating clothes are constructivism, variety of textures and appeal to ancient Ukrainian crafts.

During the short period of the brand’s existence, there was a lot of interesting cooperation with stylists and magazines.

The PANOVE brand was founded in 2017 by two designers – Iryna and Nadiya Lukyanovu, a mother and daughter who create collections together and know the requirements of different generations. Their perception of nature, the diversity of the world’s manifestations are transformed into images of clothing. The search for new forms and ways of self-expression that can emphasize the beauty of the female body are the features of the brand.

Besides self-expression, PANOVE has a social position: fashion is not about age or size. It is only about what is inside of every woman and what she chooses to be today. The idea is in a women’s wardrobe with the purpose of reasonable consumption. Designers carefully develop a wardrobe that allows you to create more outfits and do not produce more clothes than they can sell.

The brand offers an extended size grid (EUR 36‒52) so every woman can enjoy Panove clothes.

The proportions of the clothes are precisely adjusted for a perfect fit and will suit any woman, regardless of the nuances and type of her figure.

The Zharko brand is clothes that combine new values ​​of beauty and conscious consumption. Founded in 2017 by designer Kateryna Zharikova. The concept of the brand was a combination of the idea of ​​casual and avant-garde clothing with the usage of natural materials. The foundation of the brand’s emergence is a desire to create stylish women’s clothing that does not compromise in quality, giving the owner comfort, lightness and a full sense of self.

The purpose of the brand is extremely simple: to bring cool emotions from clothes into everyone’s life. In every detail – the warmth and feelings invested by the authors, who prefer three main criteria: quality, style and comfort. It is comfortable to be yourself and enjoy life under any circumstances and in any weather. The simplicity of lines and forms, freedom of thought and self-expression – these features are integral and inseparable in today’s world. They are the main values ​​of the Zharko brand.

“What we feel and how we present ourselves to the world is reflected in our lives. Thus, dress in bright emotions and smile!” – Kateryna Zharikova emphasizes.