Ukrainian Fashion Week



25 Ukrainian designers will present their collections in Berlin within the partnership between Ukrainian Fashion Week and PREMIUM Berlin.

As part of the global initiative “Support Ukrainian Fashion”

The Ukrainian Fashion Week team announces the start of the third international season within the framework of the Initiative. On July 11-12, 25 Ukrainian brands will showcase their collections at PREMIUM Berlin, one of the largest trade shows in Europe. This is the second collaboration between UFW and PREMIUM Berlin, as well as the largest project launched under the Initiative.

“Despite the full-scale Russian war in Ukraine, Ukrainian designers continue to create, and Ukrainian Fashion Week remains faithful to its mission of supporting the industry and promoting Ukrainian designer brands on the global fashion scene. Today, this mission is filled with new and additional meanings – through organizing the participation of Ukrainian designer brands in international professional events, creating opportunities for Ukrainian designers to receive orders in the international market, which saves and supports companies and businesses, and preserves jobs for hundreds of fashion industry workers. It also showcases Ukraine to the world as a country not only brave and resilient but also creative and talented people,” comments Iryna Danylevska, founder, and CEO of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Among the Ukrainian brands that will present their collections in July as part of the UFW X PREMIUM Berlin collaboration are Anna Yasynska, Bobkova, Chereshnivska, Chuprina, Cristall, DevoHome, Domanof, Feb, Finch, Grie, Juliya Kros, Katerina Kvit, Kozhuhar, Logvin, Not Silent, Podolyan, Przhonska, RDNT, Sayya, Sheezen, Sidletskiy, Svitlo, T.Mosca, Vorozhbyt&Zemskova and 91lab.

The concept of the space where designers will showcase their collections in Berlin was developed by the famous Ukrainian artist Grycja Erde. Grycja works in a surrealistic style, creating alternative realities and introducing hypothetical situations, emotions and personalities into this world. Through collage, she often gives people in old photographs new missions, characters and positions in dialogue. As a figurative artist, she explores how the form works for composition depending on light and colour, while also attempting to show a new, unreal and abstract sense.

For Ukrainian Fashion Week X PREMIUM Berlin, Grycja created a collage based on a river. Around the river, narrative metaphors unfold, mixed with people in Ukrainian national costumes and people with domestic animals against the backdrop of giant plants. The river is an ambivalent symbol reflecting both the creative and destructive force of nature.
Ukrainian designers always choose the path of creation and never destruction.

The SASHKA project agency (Germany) became a partner of Ukrainian Fashion Week at the PREMIUM Berlin exhibition.