Ukrainian Fashion Week




Ukrainian fashion brands KSENIASCHNAIDER, ELENAREVA and NADYA DZYAK introduce Spring Summer 2024 collections at London Fashion Week, September 19, 2023, within Ukrainian Fashion Week International Season SS24 that is taking place out of Ukraine due to the full-scale Russian war.

The show of Ukrainian designers is supported by the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine.

Despite the air raid sirens and missile attacks, Ukrainian designers continue to create and Ukrainian Fashion Week continues to support them in the third international season that is the 53rd from the UFW foundation.  We express our deepest gratitude to the British Fashion Council and London Fashion Week for the big support and opportunity for Ukrainian brands KSENIASCHNAIDER, ELENAREVA and NADYA DZYAK to introduce SS24 collections at London Fashion Week within a joint show.


KSENIASCHNAIDER SS24 collection explores contrasting elements and combinations, such as past and present, traditional origin and new technologies, using new materials and redefining classic brand models. SS24 about absolute novelty through reflection of past experience. 

Combination of experiments and playfulness resulted in new AI-generated denim silhouettes, the Cossack jeans as a tribute to Ukrainian traditional costume and knitted skirts and blazers handcrafted by hand yarn denim in traditional rug technique and denim sleepwear. All apparel are proudly made in Ukraine.

And besides, at London Fashion week KSENIASCHNAIDER will launch the second drop of adidas Originals x KSENIASCHNAIDER collaboration.


Designer Olena Reva continues telling the story of female power and, in the new season, turns to one of the strongest and most powerful cults in the ancient Trypillian culture – the Mother Goddess.

Our ancestors depicted a supernatural being who embodied the continuity of life as a steadfast and fearless protector. In their beliefs, the Great Mother was the center of the universe – she resisted chaos and taught to respect the native land. In the ELENAREVA SS24 collection, the personification of the sacred symbol changes from one image to another: the feminine essence of a caring mother and protector of the family smoothly transitions to the clear and strict features of a courageous patroness. The brand’s fine balance between feminine and masculine is taken to another level in the SS’24 collection.

The prints, developed in collaboration with the artist Lina Nechipolina, were based on ornaments on Trypillian clay jugs. For the SS’24 collection, two models of bags were also developed in collaboration with the Ukrainian brand Bagllet.


Ukrainian fashion brand NADYA DZYAK presents the SS24 collection, inspired by the work of the naive artist Polina Raiko, whose museum house in Oleshky, Ukraine, was flooded after the Russian destruction of the Kakhovka Dam.

“After the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Station disaster, entire villages and towns in southern Ukraine submerged underwater. One of the most famous art landmarks, the museum-house of the naive artist Polina Raiko in Oleshky, was also flooded. The walls and ceilings of the rooms in it were completely covered with unique and extraordinary paintings, which Mrs. Polina created herself, purely from the heart. I wanted to transfer her paintings onto our dresses, to convey this mood. We must cherish our artistic heritage with all our love, even if it has been washed away by water,” shares Nadya Dzyak.

For the LFW show were created the Cityscape Arc Nadi bags in collaboration with the Ukrainian brand Grie. 

In the final Ksenia Schnaider, Elena Reva and Nadya Dzyak come out with flags of Ukraine with signatures of Ukrainian heroes.

After the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, Ukrainian Fashion Week launched the “Support Ukrainian Fashion” Initiative to help Ukrainian designers. Therefore, 65 Ukrainian fashion brands had an opportunity to introduce their collections created during the war on the international fashion scene.

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