Ukrainian Fashion Week



UFW International Season FW23-24: KSENIASCHNAIDER, PASKAL, FROLOV at London Fashion Week

On February 21, Ukrainian brands KSENIASCHNAIDER, PASKAL and FROLOV will present their collections at London Fashion Week within the UFW International Season FW23-24.

This season, British Fashion Council and London Fashion Week have joined the “Support Ukrainian Fashion” Initiative, launched by Ukrainian Fashion Week to help Ukrainian designers after the start of a full-scale war.

The global fashion community continues to show strong support for the Ukrainian fashion industry.

 “Today, more than ever, we need creativity to support the spirit in times of war.  To create, not to destroy, is our vocation.  For me, this show is a manifestation of our will to live.  It is the realization of our power to create in spite of everything.  Despite working in the most unstable and difficult conditions, under the sounds of air sirens… Together with the team, we continue to work on the collections.  We know what we are working for – for the sake of our common blooming future.  Thanks to the dedicated work of the UFW team and the support of our British colleagues and the American people, we have the opportunity to present Ukrainian culture to the world and the opportunity to develop our business on the international stage during the war,” Julie Paskal, founder and creative director of PASKAL.

Despite the difficult conditions, Ukrainian designers continue to create and Ukrainian Fashion Week continues to support them in the second international season.  Ukrainian brands KSENIASCHNAIDER, PASKAL and FROLOV will present collections at London Fashion Week in the format of a joint show:

 “This show is very important for us.  This is a signal that we as a brand are still functioning, creating new collections and not losing heart.  London is one of the best places for such a manifestation because it attracts the attention of the entire world fashion community.  It is important for us to send a signal to the world that Ukraine is a wonderful country capable of creativity under any conditions,” Ksenia Schneider, founder and creative director of KSENIASCHNAIDER.

The Ukrainian Fashion Week team is deeply grateful to British Fashion Council and London Fashion Week and our partners in Great Britain PURPLE PR, MAC, Toni & Guy, Blonstein Creative Production, UA in UK Community as well as the partners in the USA and Ukraine who made this fashion show happen. 

The show of Ukrainian designers became possible due to the support of the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine.

“Under war conditions, the Ukrainian fashion business conquers the world with its stability and creativity. Three famous Ukrainian brands KSENIASCHNAIDER, PASKAL and FROLOV will present their collections at London Fashion Week with the support of the USAID Program “Competitive Economy of Ukraine”. These brands already have extensive experience and supporters abroad, however, participation in such influential international events will help to significantly increase sales on international markets, as well as demonstrate to the world that the Ukrainian fashion industry is showing its resilience, despite all the challenges of today,” said Olesya Zaluska, head of the USAID Program “Competitive Economy of Ukraine”.

London Fashion Week is one of the most powerful fashion platforms in the world that hosts about 5,000 media representatives and buyers every season.

 “This year’s catwalks and presentations by FROLOV are especially meaningful for our team. It is ten years ago, in 2013 that the first FROLOV show took place at Ukrainian Fashion Week. From that moment on, we explore the themes of sexuality and intimacy and integrate them into each collection and each show. One year ago, time stopped for us. And it has been a year of self-reflection and struggle since then. That’s why debuting in the official schedule of the London Fashion Week, in addition to the new FROLOV models, we rethink our archives and recreate iconic items of the brand,” Ivan Frolov, founder and creative director of FROLOV.

In 2022, the anniversary was to be celebrated – 25 years of Ukrainian Fashion Week and modern Ukrainian fashion.  Numerous worldwide recognized Ukrainian brands started their professional journey on the UFW catwalk and remain residents of the fashion week.  Last February, just before the full-scale war and against the background of growing geopolitical tensions, the 50th season of Ukrainian Fashion Week took place in Kyiv.  The last two seasons (51st and 52nd) became possible thanks to the international support of colleagues, as well as the persistent work of the UFW team.