Ukrainian Fashion Week



Ukrainian Fashion Week x Copenhagen Fashion Week  x Copenhagen International Fashion Fair

Ukrainian Fashion Week and Copenhagen Fashion Week are proud to partner once again for the FW23-24 edition, spotlighting incredible and resilient Ukrainian talent. 

Together with CIFF, a dedicated UFW x CPHFW x CIFF trade showroom will present the collections of T.Mosca and RDNT on February 1-3. It will be the second event of the UFW International Season FW23-24.

“CPHFW stands with Ukraine and hopes to continue to build stronger bridges between both organisations in order to support its industry to continue to grow and flourish in times of crisis,” comments the organizing committee of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair is the longest-running fair in northern Europe. Over the past decade, CIFF has become a major Bi-annual destination for the international fashion industry. Along the way, it has evolved the trade show concept and earned the reputation for being one of Europe’s most dynamic and innovative sales platforms. CIFF has grown from regional trade Fair to an international fashion hub and showcase for the industry’s directional and forward-thinking brands. As part of the UFW x CPHFW x CIFF partnership, Ukrainian designer brands T.Mosca and RDNT will present their collections at the fair this season.

Furthermore, for the forthcoming edition, the Ukrainian brand TG Botanical will present on the official schedule as a Zalando Sustainability Award finalist.