Ukrainian Fashion Week



Ukrainian Fashion Week X Copenhagen Fashion Week: Two showcases of Ukrainian designers

“We are proud to continue our support of the Ukrainian fashion industry and excited that Ukrainian Fashion Week will hold their own dedicated presentation of four designers at the official embassy of Ukraine in Copenhagen during the AW24 edition, as well as the continued presence of TG Botanical as part of our official Show Schedule.” – Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO, Copenhagen Fashion Week.

This season, Copenhagen Fashion Week continues to support Ukrainian Fashion Week. Copenhagen Fashion Week was one of the first Fashion weeks in Europe to join the “Support Ukrainian Fashion” Initiative launched by UFW after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion. The FW24-25 Season marks the fourth partnership between institutions.

At Copenhagen Fashion Week will take place two momentous presentations of Ukrainian designers: a joint presentation showcasing CHERESHNIVSKA, DOMANOF, J’AMEMME, PASKAL, Fayina Yerenburh X VOZIANOV on January 31st and a solo presentation of KSENIASCHNAIDER on February 1st.

Presentations of Ukrainian designers at Copenhagen Fashion Week are supported by the USAID.

Taking place on January 31 in Ukraine House in Denmark, the joint presentation of Ukrainian fashion brands is the 20th international event of the “Support Ukrainian Fashion” Initiative. This Initiative, launched by Ukrainian Fashion Week at the beginning of the war, at a time when Ukrainian fashion brands lost the opportunity to showcase their collections in Ukraine, is a symbol of solidarity and support for Ukrainian designers during the challenging times within the global fashion community.

Ukrainian fashion brands CHERESHNIVSKA, DOMANOF, J’AMEMME, PASKAL, Fayina Yerenburh X VOZIANOV, united by a belief in the power of dreams, come together to present collections embodying the essence of the Dream. In the face of war’s destructive force, a dream remains unbreakable, continually inspiring and creating in contrast to destruction. Serving as a testament to the indomitable human spirit, it symbolises vitality and faith in a better world.

The next day, on February 1st, KSENIASCHNAIDER will unveil FW24-25, dedicated to the motto “Nature Always Wins”.

“For over ten years, we have been participating in Ukrainian Fashion Week in our beloved Kyiv. With the onset of the war, like other Ukrainian designers, we have been travelling the world, presenting our collections on various international runways.
Our production is based in Kyiv, where all garment creation stages occur, from pattern development to clothing assembly. The new collection explores the beauty of plants and trees and their calm and confident power capable of breaking through concrete. Every stitch and shade in the collection whispers about the natural world’s resilience, celebrating its quiet strength and unwavering beauty”, comments Ksenia Schnaider, Co-Founder and Co-Creative Director of the KSENIASCHNAIDER brand.

Both presentations of Ukrainian designers by UFW are a chance to witness the fusion of fashion, art and diversity in the approach to sustainability, which is an integral part of the philosophy of each brand. At Copenhagen Fashion Week, Ukrainian designers will unveil their latest creations, each a testament to the enduring creativity and strength that flourishes amid adversity and embodies the dream.