Ukrainian Fashion Week

UFW x CPHFW FW24-25  Post Release

UFW x CPHFW FW24-25 Post Release

Ukrainian Fashion Week x Copenhagen Fashion Week: CHERESHNIVSKA, DOMANOF, J’AMEMME, PASKAL, Fayina Yerenburh X VOZIANOV

Ukrainian Fashion Week and Copenhagen Fashion Week are proud to partner once again for the AW24 edition, spotlighting inspiring Ukrainian talent. Institutions continue their partnership with the AW24 edition, marking the fourth season of collaboration. The joint presentation of Ukrainian fashion brands on January 31st at Ukraine House in Denmark marked the 20th international event of the “Support Ukrainian Fashion” Initiative.

This Initiative, launched by Ukrainian Fashion Week at the beginning of the full-scale Russian war, at a time when Ukrainian fashion brands lost the opportunity to showcase their collections in Ukraine, is a symbol of solidarity and support for Ukrainian designers during the challenging times within the global fashion community. Ukrainian fashion designers continue to create despite the Russian war, showcasing the industry’s resilience.

The presentation of Ukrainian designers at Copenhagen Fashion Week is supported by the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine.*

On January 31st, Ukrainian fashion brands CHERESHNIVSKA, DOMANOF, J’AMEMME, PASKAL, Fayina Yerenburh X VOZIANOV, united by a belief in the power of dreams, presented collections embodying the essence of the Dream, showcasing the indomitable human spirit and symbolising vitality and faith in a better world in the face of war’s destructive force.


The CHERESHNIVSKA brand presented the AW24 collection inspired by the life and art of Hutsul artist, folklorist, ethnographer, philosopher and photographer Paraska Plytka-Horytsvit. The collection embodies the beauty of Paraska’s vytynanka in its purest form. The artist was inspired by local traditions and reinterpreted them, adding her vision. For the new collection, the brand created unique cutouts (vytynanka) and appliqués from vintage parachute canvas, old denim, and stock fabrics. They used smoothness of the lines of Carpathian vytynanka and placed all elements freely, leaving breathing space.
“We wanted to tell the world about a strong-spirited and talented Ukrainian woman whose life and work were timeless. Parasky Plytky-Horytsvit survived the war, 10 years of imprisonment in russia, but still returned home and found the strength to create. – said the founder of the brand, Iryna Kohana, – “As usual, the core basis of the collection is sustainability. We recycle old things and fabrics. 70% of this collection was created from such materials.”


DOMANOF introduced a new collection that delves deep into the theme of scars – both physical and emotional imprints that shape our existence. Each piece reflects engagement with important societal issues and the need for open dialogue.

Intricately intertwined like a thorny mesh, blouses safeguard and express physical and psychological scars, impressing with their uniqueness and beauty. Double dresses continue the recovery theme, utilising details that create an impression of duality. Skirts adorned with men’s trousers symbolise the enduring memory of women for their husbands. This element stands as a heartfelt tribute to those who left their homes due to the impact of war, embodying the strength, sacrifice, and resilience of individuals facing profound challenges.


Daring nude sequins and ethereal pleats became the core of J’amemme’s AW24 collection, called Le solstice d’hiver. Inspired by the works of Ukrainian illustrator Ohrim Sudomora, who portrayed the world of micelles, the collection recreates the authentic shapes and textures inherent in the artist’s works.

The symbolism of the collection’s textures, as well as the lightness and geometry of the lines, also highlight the brand’s recognisable codes – architectural forms that emphasise tenderness and sensuality. The embodiment of couture craftsmanship and the centerpiece of the collection is the nude sequin dress, which, with its color and unique material, creates the illusion of a second skin.  With a harmonious balance between structural complexity, a tender shade palette and elements of flowing fabric, the brand brings to life its view of the intersection of the worlds of nature and art.


In the new collection, PASKAL explores further layers of butterfly visuals previously featured in the brand’s collection “Out of the Cocoon.” The butterfly symbolises fundamental phenomena – beauty and its transition, transformation, beginning, and end – and serves as a wonderful source of inspiration for the designer Julie Paskal.

Through her designs, Julie Paskal bridges the playful and intellectual, girlish and strong, fantastic and real, making them wearable. Butterfly appliqués are created using PASKAL’s signature laser-cutting technique. Aesthetic fractals, the cyclic structure of life, and otherworldly yet accessible feelings underlie dreamy and captivating designs. Elegant silhouettes are refined with cutouts and openings, altered with asymmetrical and soft lines. 

When the butterfly flutters its wings, we open our eyes to a new realm of beauty.

 Fayina Yerenburh X VOZIANOV

Ukrainian artist Fayina Yerenburh practices abstractionism, combining non-figurative painting style and colour studies. Expressive and full of energy, her canvases seem to call for optimism, standing as a manifesto of hope. In co-creation with fashion designer Fedir Vozianov, Fayina combined her ambitions and experiments in a new “incorporeal fashion” direction”. An art space you can enter and become its part. The collection fascinates by juicy colour compositions selected with exceptional artistic precision that creates the effect of meditative immersion in a reality filled with peace, joy, and harmony. Paintings became prints on fragile canvas of scarves, blossomed on elegant dresses thanks to the talent of Fedir Vozianov, drape winter coats and shopper bags in the new collection.

We express our sincere gratitude to the Association “Women for Ukraine”. The Association has many vital projects to support Ukraine and Ukrainians, including the presentation of Ukrainian fashion brands as part of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

The joint presentations of Ukrainian designers by UFW was a chance to witness the fusion of fashion, art and diversity in the approach to sustainability, which is an integral part of the philosophy of each brand. At Copenhagen Fashion Week, Ukrainian designers unveiled their latest creations, each a testament to the enduring creativity and strength that flourishes amid adversity and embodies the dream.

* The USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine (USAID CEP) supports Ukrainian businesses aiming to provide support for competitive industries and firms on Ukrainian and international markets, foster a better business enabling environment, and enabling Ukrainian companies to benefit from international trade.

PR Agency: SVPR
Venue: Ukraine House in Denmark
Photo: Raimonda Kulikauskiene, Gabriel Miranda