Ukrainian Fashion Week



Ukrainian Fashion Week International Season SS24: GUDU, GASANOVA, DARJA DONEZZ and SIDLETSKIY showcased their collections in Budapest as part of the ongoing collaboration between Ukrainian Fashion Week and Budapest Central European Fashion Week.

On September 2-3, within the “Support Ukrainian Fashion” initiative by UFW, Ukrainian fashion brands GUDU, GASANOVA, DARJA DONEZZ, and SIDLETSKIY presented their SS24 collections at BCEFW.

Ukrainian Fashion Week Team expresses its deepest gratitude to Budapest Central European Fashion Week for continuing their partnership and supporting Ukrainian designers in the background of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

“Despite the full-scale Russian war in Ukraine, Ukrainian designers continue to create, and Ukrainian Fashion Week remains true to its mission of supporting the industry and promoting Ukrainian designer brands on the global fashion scene. Today, this mission takes on new additional meanings—by organizing the participation of Ukrainian designer brands in international professional events, creating opportunities for Ukrainian designers to receive orders in the international market, that saves and supportes companies and businesses, and preserves jobs for thousands of fashion industry workers. This also showcases Ukraine to the world as a country not only of brave and resilient people but also of creative and talented individuals,” says Iryna Danylevska, Founder and CEO of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

For the last three seasons, UFW has taken place on international runways and platforms for the first time in its 26-year history, not in Kyiv. This allowed 65 Ukrainian fashion brands to present their collections created during the war on the international fashion scene through fashion shows and presentations across 10 fashion weeks in Europe and the USA. The current 53rd season is UFW International Season SS24.


The Ukrainian brand GUDU presented a new SS24 collection that does not change its love for black colour and complex shapes.

“Black is my element, and today it conveys the mood best,” says designer Lasha Mdinaradze, who the world and the people around him have always inspired. The new reality in which Ukraine lives could not help but affect him. One of the fundamental storylines of the collection was the search for a sense of protection. It was expressed in oversized silhouettes and utilitarian details and materials. Yes, the shape of the shoulders on the jackets resembles shields and the large pockets – about the importance of always having everything you need with you. The jackets, at the same time practical and sophisticated, are made of a special raincoat fabric that reliably protects against wind and rain.

Also, the designer offers many unisex units suitable for both girls and boys in the new collection. It is another reference to our reality: both sexes take equal responsibility for our future today.


The new PS24  collection of the GASANOVA brand is an emotional reflection and strong belief in absolute victory at the end. While creating the collection the designer Elvira Gasanova had been exploring how Ukrainian people are learning the new war-life balance nowadays.

Despite the fact that GASANOVA is known first of all as the black-tie brand, there are some military-influenced pieces such as cargo trousers and shorts. None of the Ukrainian brands stood aside when the full-scale war began and everyone was involved in the production of clothes for the military in their studios and factories. Thus, the PS24 collection will remain the artefact of the time we live in.


DARJA DONEZZ SS24 collection, in addition to the signature for the brand shells and fish, is filled with new elements. Flowers, which the designer characterizes as an ‘endless circle of life’. All the outfits are full of life due to the vivid colours, and the silhouettes are transported to the beginning of the last century: light fabric that flies with every movement, frills, and lace. The same effect is added by spectacular headwear with the shell and feathers.

The main idea of the collection is life, emotions, love and happiness. When terrible things happen in the world, and it seems that life stops, sometimes it is worth just looking at the amazing phenomena around us. The roughness of the sea, the airy colours of the sky, and the perfection of the nautilus forms. Then you understand that life is flowing, and it is beautiful.


The SIDLETSKIY SS24 collection, tnamed “Be/is,” is dedicated to the true individuality of each person.

In this new collection, the brand reinterprets folk motifs and the visual appearance of clothing through its own perspective. The SS24 collection features intriguing elements crafted using ancient techniques that have been preserved in Ukraine for many centuries.

“We always rely on the methods of our ancestors, search for unique and rare weavings, and not only strive to preserve them but also to expand their presence. The accessories in this collection include beads made of solid glass. We drew inspiration from ‘luskavky’—more traditional ornaments—and reimagined them to some extent,” comments Igor Sidletskiy.

Photo credit: HFDA / The Sparkle Content