Ukrainian Fashion Week



For the third time, Ukrainian designers will introduce their collections in Budapest within the “Support Ukrainian Fashion” initiative by Ukrainian Fashion Week

Ukrainian Fashion Week team announces the continuation of partnership with Budapest Central European Fashion Week. This season, Ukrainian fashion brands GASANOVA, SIDLETSKIY, and TONiA will showcase their FW24-25 collections in Budapest.

The Ukrainian brands’ shows will take place on January 27. 

GASANOVA will present a collection inspired by spices, particularly black pepper. 

SIDLETSKIY brand will debut with an individual show featuring a minimalist collection with complex structural details. 

TONiA will present its collection for the first time at BCEFW in a joint show with other young European brands.

“Every day, the systematic work of any Ukrainian brand is under threat. Therefore, each day of our work is a challenge. But we work and strive to represent our country worldwide and spread the values of everything ‘Made in Ukraine.’

We are incredibly grateful to Ukrainian Fashion Week for allowing us not only to create collections but also to present them in Europe on such wonderful conditions. Thanks to the support of UFW and its colleagues in other countries, we plan to conquer as many Europeans as possible and show that ‘Made in Ukraine’ is not only about brands created in Ukraine but also about brands that are developing, scaling, and strengthening. That ‘Made in Ukraine’ always stands for is quality, sincerity, and a responsible approach to both the product and the customer,” says Elvira Damirova, the founder and creative director of the GASANOVA brand.

To recap, in the fall, four Ukrainian fashion brands, GUDU, GASANOVA, DARJA DONEZZ, and SIDLETSKIY, presented SS24 collections in various formats of shows and presentations as part of the collaboration between UFW and BCEFW.

The Ukrainian Fashion Week Team expresses its deepest gratitude to the Budapest Central European Fashion Week Organizing Committee for the continuous support of Ukrainian designers and the Ukrainian fashion scene amid challenging times.