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Ukrainian Fashion Week International Season FW24-25: GASANOVA, SIDLETSKIY and TONiA presented collections in Budapest
as part of the continuation of the partnership between Ukrainian Fashion Week and Budapest Central European Fashion Week

On January 27, Ukrainian brands GASANOVA, SIDLETSKIY and TONiA introduced their FW24-25 collections at Budapest Central European Fashion Week within the “Support Ukrainian Fashion” Initiative by UFW.
Ukrainian Fashion Week expresses gratitude to colleagues from Budapest Central European Fashion Week for continuing the partnership between institutions and support of Ukrainian designers.

“For Ukrainian Fashion Week, every show, every big project abroad is a story about Ukraine, the war, and the need to help us in our fight against Russian aggression. This is a powerful promotion of our country – a country of courageous, resilient and talented people”, – Iryna Danylevska, Founder and CEO of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

The last four seasons of Ukrainian Fashion Week are held on international catwalks and platforms in the International Season format.


Designer Elvira Gasanova presented a collection inspired by the “women with pepper” image. The collection embodied the indomitable spirit, passion and independence of Ukrainian women.

The brand’s new collection focuses on the colour black as the brand’s foundation, complemented by a “black pepper aroma”. Black pepper becomes a key element in the design: it is read in the texture of the fabric, which was skillfully handmade. This texture adorns dresses, jacket lapels, sleeves and even buttons.
Particular emphasis is placed on beads with a texture imitating peppercorns, creating a unique visual effect.
Various textures, such as velvet, satin, leather and knitted fabric, create an unforgettable visual image and awaken the desire to touch, giving each item a unique emotional depth.

Elvira Gasanova notes: “This collection is a tribute to the strength and confidence of Ukrainian women. I wanted to create a collection that not only looks beautiful but also conveys the character and essence of those who wear it.”


The brand’s new collection enriches classic silhouettes with constructive, complex details. Unexpected cuts, play of textures, and complex multi-layered images characterise it.
Designer Ihor Sidletsky again turns to architecture in his products, saturating silhouettes with volumes and using handmade elements.

In the new collection, the brand adheres to natural, restrained colours, emphasising details that add dynamism to the images. Asymmetric accents in minimalist lines make each look unique. The restrained palette is emotionally compensated by dynamic accents – sharp collars, constructive twists and perfectly measured lengths.

The new collection continues the brand’s traditions and proves its commitment to its values and philosophy. The choice of materials and unwavering attention to detail underlines the brand’s focus on conscious consumption.


In the new collection, designer Tonya Belinska continues to explore the nature of female sexuality through natural colours and naive art. The Vytynanka technique, Ukrainian pottery painting, and naive art inspired the designer.

“The idea of creating crocheted things, inspired by the ancient technique of “cutting,” is a tribute to my childhood, ” says Tonya Belinska. “My mother created decorative elements for clothes with her own hands, and I could watch this process for hours. I still remember all the curtains and decorations she and my grandmother made. It is to this lightness and openwork, which are created with the help of ancient techniques used in Ukraine that I dedicated my collection.”

The collection was created according to the designer’s principle because each of the seven images can be easily combined.

Photo Credit: HFDA / The Sparkle Content