Ukrainian Fashion Week

UFW International Season FW23-24: PREMIUM Berlin

UFW International Season FW23-24: PREMIUM Berlin

Ukrainian designers presented their collections in Berlin within the UFW International Season FW23-24

Ten Ukrainian fashion brands: AISENBERG, 91LAB, OVERALL, FINCH, CHERESHNIVSKA, SHEEZEN, PRZHONSKAYA, VOROZHBYT&ZEMSKOVA, CHUPRINA and GRIE presented their collections at the PREMIUM Berlin fashion trade show last week.

“The space in which the participating Ukrainian brands and their collections were presented was outstanding. We have heard positive feedback about our space from the international audience, for whom we are new blood. We really stood out with our approach, because we presented not only designer collections but also Ukrainian art as a whole,” – Anastasia Bratkova, founder and designer of the OVERALL brand.

It is to recall that the space in which Ukrainian designers presented their collections at PREMIUM Berlin was designed by the famous Ukrainian artist Roman Minin. His works have been presented at exhibitions around the world in the USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, France, Great Britain, Italy and Japan, as well as at the Sotheby’s auction in London. The space was based on a series of works by Roman “Optimism”.

The Ukrainian brand FINCH was the only designer brand at the exhibition that cooperated with the latest technologies for the creation and presentation of the collection.

“We are very proud that our cooperation with FFFACE.ME and the fact that the FINCH team continues to work on traditional and semi-digital clothing in Ukraine during the war is truly surprising and respectful among European audiences, even among representatives of companies that themselves offer digitization, modelling and digital integration into metauniverses in the EU. In general, the space with Ukrainian resident brands of Ukrainian Fashion Week was the brightest in the pavilion, we saw it ourselves and the guests of the exhibition noted it. We hope that the requests from buyers and stylists that we received will bring us and our colleagues fruitful cooperation”, – Kateryna Byakova, founder and designer of the FINCH brand.

The AISENBERG brand, together with the talented Ukrainian artist Yulia Mokhovykova, presented a collaboration between the worlds of fashion and art. The artist painted the brand’s items with Ukrainian cultural symbols. Special attention is paid to the colours: blau flava, azul amarillo, blue yellow – whatever language these words sound in, they will always evoke a single association of sky and rye, peace and warmth, the yellow-blue tandem of freedom.

The 91LAB capsule collection, presented at PREMIUM Berlin, was inspired by the works of Maria Prymachenko and was created after the destruction by Russian troops of the Ivankiv Museum of History, which housed the works of the outstanding Ukrainian artist of the 20th century. The inspiration for the collection was not only Maria’s most famous works such as “The Beast” and “The Scarecrow”, but also works from the family collection, which had not been exhibited before, in order to show different facets of the outstanding Ukrainian naivist’s work.

The city of Lviv became the inspiration for the CHERESHNIVSKA brand. The collection’s prints are based on the works of Ukrainian sculptors who can be found in Lviv: emotional and dynamic sculptures by Johann Pinzel, expressive sculptures by Petr Vuytovych, which are the main decoration of the Lviv Opera House, as well as works by artists Anton Popel, Mykhailo Dzindra and Teodoziy Bryzh. The images of the collection reflect a combination of the soft anatomical lines of the sculpture, cobblestones and the tangled lines of the city.

In the new BLACKOUT capsule collection, the VOROZHBYT&ZEMSKOVA brand reminded us of the importance of light in times of darkness. For designers, Olena Vorozhbyt and Tetyana Zemskova, bright moments of everyday life are art, in which they see the future and development of the country, which is why they draw inspiration from Banksy’s art objects that appear on the streets of Ukraine, as well as the clear lines of the Bauhaus architectural direction. In the new collection, the designers combined the characteristic features of the avant-garde German direction with modern elements of modernism, which symbolize the light that Ukrainians need so much now.

Agency SASHKA project (Germany) was a partner of Ukrainian Fashion Week at the PREMIUM Berlin fashion trade show.