Ukrainian Fashion Week

UFEG at Digital Fashion Week 2023

UFEG at Digital Fashion Week 2023

UFEG presented a new show Digital Fashion Week 2023

Digital Fashion Week has already united three fashion capitals, and its virtual map knows no boundaries. New York, London, Paris, and now the whole world can see a new collection by Ukrainian designers.

Students and teachers from the Ukrainian Fashion Education Group participated for the second time in the global event, Digital Fashion Week. They showcased the digital show titled “THROUGH THE WORLDS” in the Animations/Fashion Film category.

Presenting the new digital collection, UFEG continues to carry Ukrainian culture through all worlds. Just as the internet connects networks worldwide, we are connected as one people across all distances. As the ongoing war forced millions of Ukrainians to become nomads in the digital era, our Tree of Life extended its branches not only through countries and continents but also through virtual spaces.

Physical and digital existence merge in the digital show by UFEG, demonstrating the blossoming of Ukrainian cultural traditions through forced journeys on Earth and captivating explorations of the Metaverse.

Link on the film:

Creative Director: Maryna Loseva @maryna_loseva
Teachers: Anna Chyrva @anna_chyrva
Kateryna Piontek @katriiitek
Ihor Koliada @borzoi_design
Alyona Briukhanova @dgtl_stylist
Mariia Rudenko @maria.rudenko
Elena Kikteva @kikteva_e_lena

Designers: Yulia Lypnytska @lypnyjuli
Yuliya Ovcharyk @yo_designer3d
Lana Skachkova @_lana_skachkova
Anastasiia Yalovega 
Maria Todorenko @marusja_smile
Olena Potiievska @dress_verse
Oksana Alieinikova @oksana_alieinikova

Graphic Designer: Yelyzaveta Kozenko
Video Editor: Mariia Chyrva @mariachyrva
Press: Anna Komarova @annet_komar
Manager: Valeriia Pleskan