Ukrainian Fashion Week



Ukrainian fashion brands TAMAR KEBURIA, J’AMEMME and GASANOVA introduce FW24-25 collections at London Fashion Week, February 17, 2024, within Ukrainian Fashion Week International Season FW24-25 that is taking place out of Ukraine due to the full-scale Russian war.

Ukrainian designers continue to create collections under extremely difficult conditions, demonstrating the Ukrainian fashion industry’s strength, resilience and courage. We express our sincere gratitude to the British Fashion Council for supporting the third joint show of Ukrainian designers at London Fashion Week.

The joint show of TAMAR KEBURIA, J’AMEMME and GASANOVA at London Fashion Week is supported by the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine.

“The clothes we wear have the power to tell the world who we are and what we stand for. The work of these designers is a testament to their creativity and resilience in unimaginable circumstances, as the two year mark of Russia’s horrific, illegal invasion approaches.
I am incredibly proud that London Fashion Week can provide a platform to help showcase Ukrainian strength and style to the world,” said Lucy Frazer, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

After the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, Ukrainian Fashion Week launched the “Support Ukrainian Fashion” Initiative to help Ukrainian designers. Therefore, 69 Ukrainian fashion brands had an opportunity to introduce their collections created during the war on the international fashion scene. 


Celebrating the strength and resilience of contemporary Ukrainian women amidst challenging times, TAMAR KEBURIA proudly presents its FW24-25 collection, “Reflections.” In a world where our people are fighting for our shared future, this collection stands as a tribute to the unwavering spirit and empowerment of Ukrainian women.

Designer Tamriko Keburia, twice displaced by war, brings a deeply personal and poignant perspective to the runway with a collection that marries fashion with the complex theme of refugee identity. Through symbolic mirrored suitcases, the runway invites viewers to reflect on their own lives in the context of a refugee’s journey – a journey the designer themselves have navigated.

Each piece in the ‘Reflections’ collection serves as a narrative of fortitude, symbolising diverse and individual human stories that connect us all. This show stands as a powerful testament to resilience and the universal quest for empathy amidst global strife.


Daring nude sequins and ethereal pleats became the core of J’AMEMME’s FW24-25 collection, called Le solstice d’hiver. Inspired by the works of Ukrainian illustrator Okhrim Sudomora, who portrayed the world of micelles, the collection recreates the authentic shapes and textures inherent in the artist’s works.

“For me, the worlds of art and nature have always been an integral part of each other,” – says Julie Yarmoliuk, the brand’s designer. “This season, micelles, their blend with art and shapes, which are hard to imagine for the human mind, became the basis for transformation and an inspiration for the collection’s colour contrasts.”

The symbolism of the collection’s textures, as well as the lightness and geometry of the lines, also highlight the brand’s recognisable codes – architectural forms that emphasise tenderness and sensuality. A contrasting shade palette of burgundy, blush and black, with an occasional sequin sparkle, sets the tone for the future cold season. With a harmonious balance between structural complexity and elements of flowing fabric, the brand brings to life their view of the intersection of the worlds of nature and art.


The GASANOVA FW24-25 collection is a hymn to the rich and aromatic world of spices, inspired by the warmth and depth that these ingredients bring to our daily lives. The colour palette is an exquisite blend of noble hues, including deep burgundy, earthy brown, serene green, elegant blue and shades of luxurious gold, creating a sense of sophistication.

The WINTER SPICE collection is a celebration of family traditions, with an emphasis on cooking spicy and flavorful dishes together by a crackling fire. This association with culinary warmth carries over into the seasonality of the pieces, embodying a sense of cosiness and comfort. Clothing is meant to be as integral as the warmth shared between loved ones and the cherished moments spent over drinks and food during the cold season.

“Times are changeable, and these days, it is essential to create cosiness around us. After all, even in times of uncertainty and war, when reality becomes a challenge, cosiness in the details of the world around us becomes our mainstay. GASANOVA’s WINTER SPICE 24/25 collection encourages us to dress stylishly and create that special cosiness that helps us cope with unpredictability and gives our lives the warmth and comfort we need,” – says Elvira Gasanova, Founder and Creative Director of GASANOVA brand.

PR Agency: IPR London
Production: Blonstein Creative Production
Hair By Philip Haug For Schwarzkopf Pro
Makeup By Michelle Webb For AOFMPro Using Dermalogica
Catering: Cream.Dream London
In-house photography: Chris Yates
Project Partner: UA in UK Community