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Q&A live session of FFFK 2020 winners

Q&A live session of FFFK 2020 winners

The Q&A live session “Where does inspiration live? How to come up with and make a fashion film without a team and a budget” from the winners of FFFK 2020: Anastasia Lysenko, winner in the nomination“ Best Fashion Story ”, and Anton Vanchak, winner in the nomination“ Best Production ”.

During the Q&A session, you will learn what stages the work on a fashion film consists of and how much it costs to shoot fashion films. Lecturers will give advice on what to do if you can not afford expensive equipment. They will also consider whether a compromise between creativity and earnings is possible.

Leave your questions to the speakers under the Instagram post @fffkyiv

The Q&A live session will take place on July 6 at 18:00 on the YouTube channel FILM.UA Group.

The moderator of the lecture is Kateryna Fedychina, FFFK 2020 project manager.

The organizers of the Festival are FILM.UA and Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Fashion Film Festival Kyiv 2021 is supported by the State Agency of Ukraine for Cinema.