Ukrainian Fashion Week

<strong>PUSHKA Fashionverse</strong>

PUSHKA Fashionverse

 We present the first Ukrainian virtual fashion world!

 Pushka School is an innovative school of clothing design in Ukraine, known for its modern approach.

 PUSHKA Fashionverse is a digital world where you can get acquainted with the new collections of school students.  Technology is evolving rapidly, and by our example, we demonstrate that the fashion industry is ready to move to a new level of communication.

 The collections of young designers are presented in three virtual locations of PUSHKA Fashionverse:

 • Cyberpolis, which takes to the future world, when cars fly out of the window and all the houses create a futuristic infinity

 • Fairy tale – a fantastic forest hiding behind high mountains

 • Mars, where every spectator becomes a guest of the space station and can even touch the stars

 At each location, you can view clothes from all sides, as well as read personal messages from designers, immersed in the world of virtual reality.  And the level of immersion is chosen by each spectator independently.  With the help of VR technology, you will become a participant of a full digital show, not just a spectator.  There is no written script in the show: becoming the main character, you interact freely with others.  Digital clothing is created using the technologies used for video games.

 A full-fledged VR experience involves the use of the Oculus Quest 2 (Meta Quest 2) headset, which was promoted by Mark Zuckerberg.  A more concise version is designed for mobile devices using “cardboards”, a virtual reality platform from Google.

 The project was created by the digital family of PUSHKA School students and the XR-development team Tomorrow’s render Team.  The team leader of the development team is Anna, author and teacher of the Fashion Creator course at PUSHKA School.