Ukrainian Fashion Week

PLNGNS SS25 at Berlin Fashion Week

PLNGNS SS25 at Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin, July 2 , 2024 On the first day of Berlin Fashion Week, the Ukrainian label PLNGNS (Palingenesy) presented its Spring/Summer 2025 collection. Under the title “Sneaker Riot” and above the rooftops of Berlin, designer Mitya Hontarenko once again demonstrated impressively how sustainability and craftsmanship meet contemporary fashion. Over 500 pairs of shoes were upcycled for the 22 elaborately constructed streetwear looks.

The “Sneaker Riot” collection focuses on the popular PLNGNS shoes and complementary streetwear. These were presented in 22 looks to an international audience of over 250 guests at the Lobe Block Berlin. The dominant colours of the show were khaki, brown, and black tones, which have accompanied the designer and his team through current events for over two years now. The focus on specific styles also reflects everyday reality and influences. “Unconsciously, we have mainly developed vests and tight-fitting jackets this season. Symbolically, they stand for protective clothing – items that accompany us daily,” says Mitya Hontarenko. He is particularly proud of his team, who have developed the process of deconstruction into something even more detailed and innovative. Like collage work, the original product is examined in detail and broken down into numerous parts using complex manual work. New designs that impress with their complex cut construction and architecture are developed together and reflect the zeitgeist. This season, for the first time, all shoe elements – from the logo application, the sole to the laces – were used and reassembled. The PLNGNS Ballon Jacket W, which consists exclusively of shoe tongues, required over 50 hours of work. The new collection of shoes was created in collaboration with sneaker designer Gianluca Pergola. The brand refurbished around 500 pairs of used shoes and used them to create a new streetwear collection.

The presentation of “Sneaker Riot” took place on two roof terrace levels in the architectural masterpiece Lobe Block, which impresses with its clean concrete construction. This time, the musical direction was also entrusted to the Ukrainian DJ and artist Mark Golos, who underlined the dramatic atmosphere of smoke and fire with specially created tracks. The set design also had a message: mountains of discarded – but still completely intact – clothing point to the overproduction and waste problem in the fashion industry. “Our main concern is to draw attention to how much waste the clothing industry produces and that you always have a choice. Upcycling clothing and creating a more sustainable future is important and essential for all of us,” says Mitya Hontarenko. The catwalk finale was made by a woman and a man, dependent on a prosthetic leg due to severe injuries – an emphasis on the valuable work of the UNBROKEN Foundation.

With his creations for PLNGNS, Mitya Hontarenko bridges the gap between wearable art and commercial relevance. He impressively shows how, through skilled craftsmanship and contemporary intuition, an upcycling concept is not only sustainable but also marketable.

The show concept was selected and awarded prize money for the “Berlin Contemporary” competition run by the Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises and the Fashion Council Germany.