Ukrainian Fashion Week

Overall x Zigura Art

Overall x Zigura Art

Overall has released a collection of accessories together with Ukrainian sculptors Zigura Art.

Within the jubilee 50th season of Ukrainian Fashion, the Ukrainian art brand Overall presented a collection created in collaboration with sculptors Yegor and Mykyta Zigura.  The result of the collaboration Overall x Zigura Art was a drop of accessories including belts and jewellery.  The prototypes for the buckles on the belts were the works of Yegor Zigura – “The Ear that holds the World” and “Shift of Consciousness”.  Earrings and pendants repeat Mykyta Zigura’s sculpture “Global Warming”.  The initial titanic beauty of nature and the Atlantic grandeur of a human appear in delicate forms, which are powerful and meaningful symbols together with fashionable ornaments at the same time.

 Belt buckles are made of bronze using nickel and gilding in 24 carats.  The jewellery is presented in three variations of silver, covered with rhodium or gold in 24 carats.

 The Overall x Zigura Art collection combines artists’ reflections on ancient heritage in the modern narrative, current design and elements of pop art from the modern 1960s and 70s.  That is why the aesthetic format of the exhibition reminds of Stanley Kubrick’s films and Andy Warhol’s decorative experiments.  Anthropomorphic plaster sculptures are a symbolic replacement of living models or even a futuristic hint of artistic contemplation of the future because of the problem of human position in the modern world.

 In February, the collection will be presented exclusively in the Gara concept space.

 The goal of the Overall brand is to integrate art into the fashion traditions of Ukrainians, promote Ukrainian artists abroad and promote sustainable cultural consumption.  Each of the artists, cooperating with the brand, receives royalties under the terms of the License Agreement, and each client becomes an ambassador of Ukrainian art.