Ukrainian Fashion Week



MALVA Florea presents a new red drop

Ukrainian clothing brand MALVA Florea, known for its fantasy images, presents a new red drop, which has become a kind of retrospective of the already iconic evening wardrobe items in the form of flowers.

Transmitting messages about the uniqueness and fabulousness of every woman, designer Malva Verbytska pays special attention to handmade and tactile fabrics, and continues to experiment with complex and, at the same time, smooth shapes that resemble flower petals. This time, the collection includes new versions of dresses and tops made of crystal red mesh, maxi skirts made of satin and mini dresses with sparkling flower-shaped decor.

The new drop designer Malva Verbytska dedicates to Ukrainian women, their irresistible strength, love and ability to find inspiration and faith in the darkest moments of life. “First and foremost, it’s about women and love, about its incredible power to go through war and transform, to rekindle the hearts of loved ones, to give strength and build new worlds. It is a perpetual motion machine at all times,” the designer comments.