Ukrainian Fashion Week



During the pandemic, we have all missed flying. It has become something unattainable, and the airplane in the sky looks like a miracle these days. But no one can take away our flights on the wings of love. That’s why FROLOV opens LOVE AIRLINES and presents a new capsule collection and campaign dedicated to Valentine’s Day.

As a child, I was always excited and full of joy and anticipation before flying. There was a feeling in my stomach like when you fall in love. I adore them both – traditional flight and the one made on the wings of love. And I always wanted to have my airline. Dreams came true in our new video”, – Ivan Frolov.

The new Valentine’s Day capsule includes our iconic clothing pieces in red and blue, and accessories: bra-bags with embroidered hearts, ties, chokers, garters and belts.

The sound production of the campaign was created by Mazhora, who wrote a unique track inspired by the capsule collection. The director of the fashion video was DVIZHON, and the choreographer was Alina Lagovska.

Director – DVIZHON @dvizhon

Creative producers – Ivan Frolov @ivfrolov, Olaa Zhyzhko @olaazh

Style – Olaa Zhyzhko

Makeup – Vadim Kravchenko

Hair – Julie Stets

Nail artist – Anastasiya Orlova @anastasiya_orlova92

Choreography – Alina Lagovskaya @bananaindahouse

Sound production:

Music, text, vocal – Mazhora

Guitar, bass&drum – Shutka Vsevolod Pavlovich

Stewardess voice – Corie Jason

DOP – Sasha Bagaziy @dpbaga

1AC – Olexandr Starostenko

Gaffer – Anush Ahtarnia @anushshiravan

Light – Max Tolstoy

Focus puller – Olexandr Starostenko

Producers – Yuriy Dvizhon, Ivan Frolov

Art dep – lubegolube production


Stewardess 1 – Volosova Veronika @nikachkaaaa

Stewardess 2 – Ira le @irairale

Stewardess 3 – Alina Lagovskaya @bananaindahouse

Pilot – Liza Mokhort

Passenger 1 – Jeniffer-Maria

Passenger 2 – Artem Boichuk

Passenger 3 – Vika Ermolenko @vik_ermolenko

Passenger 4 – Ivan Frolov

Casting – Olaa Zhyzhko @olaazh

Teasers edit – Artem Shapirenko @shapxo

Campaign edit – Pavlo Kovtun

Color – @colorist.lishchyna

VFX – @nativision

Technical Support – Garage Rental

Backstage video – Andrii Kaluhin

Special thanks to Anna Lu, Yelyzaveta Polych, Maks Sereda, and all FROLOV team