Ukrainian Fashion Week

Kronenbourg 1664 X UFW SS25 UA Edition

Kronenbourg 1664 X UFW SS25 UA Edition

Kronenbourg 1664 will support Ukrainian Fashion Week UA Edition SS25, which will take place in August next year. The collaboration between Kronenbourg 1664 and Ukrainian Fashion Week has been ongoing for several years, and we are pleased to announce its continuation.

To recap, in November, in an exclusive interview for Vogue UA, Iryna Danylevska, Founder and CEO of Ukrainian Fashion Week, announced the return of UFW to Ukraine after three international seasons:

“We have held three seasons in a unique International Season format and understand that fashion today is not only about diversity or constancy but also solidarity. We have restrained optimism that despite everything, the industry will recover…
I believe we can hold this important season of Ukrainian Fashion Week in Kyiv. Thanks to our defenders, we can.”

Supporting UFW SS25, Kronenbourg 1664 contributes to the development of Ukrainian fashion and aligns with values close to the company. After all, art, aesthetics, and style help express the changes and moods that society is experiencing, reconsider national history and traditions, and draw attention to Ukraine, popularising its culture worldwide.

For many years, Kronenbourg 1664 has sponsored fashion events in Ukraine and abroad and has been a longtime partner of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Copenhagen Fashion Week has also supported the “Support Ukrainian Fashion” initiative from UFW and, for three seasons, provided the opportunity for seven Ukrainian designers, the COAT, T.Mosca, RDNT, Domanof, Gasanova, Gunia Project, and Juliya Kros, to present their collections digitally and at CIFF.