Ukrainian Fashion Week

juliya kros fw22-23

juliya kros fw22-23

In her Fall-Winter 2022/23 “Elsa” collection, the designer turned to the creative origins of her childhood where lots of images and entire wardrobes were created for a favorite doll.

  It’s the immersion into those times when a complete openness of a child’s mind to any novelty made it possible to make up the doll clothes from any available materials and come up with the most unexpected combinations and shapes.

  Womanliness and silhouette elegance combined with oversize jackets are bringing back childhood memories of trying on parental things that looked huge on a fragile childish figure.

  The accent details of the collection are а complex cut of sleeves and prints with inscriptions. The basis of the model range is a complicated cut of shirts in white and blue tones, and large size jackets made from various, combined with each other, materials. The black and gray colour palette of the collection is conveyed by soft costume fabrics, denim and raincoat fabric in various textures.