Ukrainian Fashion Week

IDoL.  “Visual code”

IDoL.  “Visual code”

“I, designer Serge Smolin, together with the Suspilnyi Broadcaster and VIP Media have visited six picturesque cities in the east and west of Ukraine.  Inspired by the heritage and diversity of cultures of national communities living in Ukraine, I clearly understood that the original collection of modern wedding dresses will be presented at the 25th Ukrainian Fashion Week.  My goal is to share the discoveries that impressed me – arts and crafts, singing, dancing, harmony, rhythm, charm and love for tradition.  I put these elements to the capsule collection, which consists of six stunning wedding dresses made of handmade lace, silk, taffeta, muslin, beads, pearls, fringes, bright stones and sequins.  Each outfit complies with the authenticity of a certain community living in Ukraine – Jewish, Georgian, Hungarian, Romanian, Armenian, German communities.

 Through the traditions of the past and present, the «VISUAL CODE» media project helps to understand the culture of people who live next to us in different regions of Ukraine, to feel their vision, to live their weekdays and holidays.  The purpose of the Suspilnyi Broadcaster’s projects is to protect freedoms in Ukraine, to provide reliable and balanced information, to establish a public dialogue to strengthen public trust.

 All of us are different, but we are together!

The ideologues of the project is the Coordination Center of the Public Broadcasting for National Minorities.

 Designer – Serge Smolin

 Implementer – VIP Media