Ukrainian Fashion Week

“I AM” ROUSSIN: Ukrainian Fashion Week No Season 2021

“I AM” ROUSSIN: Ukrainian Fashion Week No Season 2021

The “I AM” is dedicated to self-knowledge through loneliness and reveals the other side of a person who remains face to face with his “the self”. The brand digital experience is based on a global wave of isolation. However, solitude is not a sentence – it is a path to the present.

The model in the online performance ROUSSIN is the main character of his own inner world. Being outside physical contact with other people, the hero continues to maintain honest contact with himself. This is not a story about fighting loneliness – this is a prototype of the theory of acceptance.

A feature of “I AM” ROUSSIN is the use of luminescence, which gives the fabric additional properties: absorbing light from any source, a thing in the dark becomes a source of light. The technology of accumulation of light energy in the collection consciously emphasizes the power of the human “the self” and the value of its independent manifestation.

The collection was created with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation within the institutional support program.