Ukrainian Fashion Week

GRIE SS24 Drop

GRIE SS24 Drop

Ukrainian accessories brand GRIE introduces a drop of versatile everyday bags.

 The new reality requires mobility everywhere and anytime. It seems that we will forever have a habit of carrying a whole set of necessary things with us, and our priorities will be on the side of comfort for a long time. Stressed but well-dressed is okay for modern Ukrainians, but still we downsize our belongings to fit into a single bag, just in case.

‘During a full-scale invasion, we weeded out everything superfluous and kept the most valuable. Comfortable shape and functional design. Nevertheless, it is not just about belongings. The same was applied to our life as well. This is the way we live now. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we strive to optimize our routine, to find a balance between the mundane and the irrational. We want to have the bare minimum and at the same time grab our favourite pair of shoes, shiny jewellery, and little things dear to our heart’ – designer Alisa Grishaeva says. 

The new Grie drop, inspired by the designer’s thoughts and emotions, consists of three bags: a voluminous Carry-all bag and two comfortable cross-body bags – Arc and Block. All items are represented in a trendy caramel shade. 

We believe that the time will come – and tender flowers from revived Ukrainian fields will be carried in these bags.