Ukrainian Fashion Week

During Pride Month, FROLOV launches a collaboration with the first LGBTQ+ film festival in Ukraine, “Sunny Bunny.”

The Ukrainian brand FROLOV has become the official partner of “Sunny Bunny” (SUNNY BUNNY), the first Ukrainian LGBTQ+ film festival taking place from June 22-28 in Kyiv.

For 20 years, “Sunny Bunny” has been an LGBTQ+ program of the Kyiv International Film Festival “Molodist.” Now, it becomes a separate and grand-scale LGBTQ+ film festival in Ukraine.

As part of the partnership, FROLOV will release two special hearts designs on FROLOVHEART t-shirts. One heart will be created in the colours of the LGBTQ+ flag, while the other will have a mirror effect. All proceeds from their sale will be donated to support and develop the film festival.

The brand is also preparing a unique accessory, mirror “fingers,” released for the 20th anniversary of the SUNNY BUNNY program. This year, you can launch your own sunny bunnies with fingers featuring updated colours.

“We collaborated with ‘Sunny Bunny’ as part of ‘Molodist’ in 2021, and we are happy to announce our partnership at the beginning of Pride Month. It is essential for us to support the discourse on human rights, and we are proud that Ukraine now has its own LGBTQ+ film festival, which we support,” Ivan Frolov.