Ukrainian Fashion Week



On April 24, friends and clients of the SOVA jewellery brand met at TSUM for the presentation of the new collaboration SOVA x FROLOV.

The evening began with an exclusive closed screening of the film “Even in the Midst of War, Flowers Bloom” at the Multiplex cinema in TSUM. The film tells the story of the partnership between SOVA and FROLOV and the behind-the-scenes creation of the new floral collaboration in support of the “Children of Heroes” charity foundation.

You can watch the film about the SOVA x FROLOV collaboration via the link.

The film includes footage of art therapy sessions organized by the SOVA team together with Ivan Frolov for the beneficiaries of the “Children of Heroes” foundation.

After the film screening, guests could purchase paintings with hearts created by the children during art therapy sessions with Ivan Frolov in exchange for donating to the “Children of Heroes” foundation. These heart paintings inspired the postcards for the new SOVA x FROLOV collection. Therefore, every client who buys a piece of jewellery from the collaboration will receive a special postcard as a symbol of charitable action.

The collaboration presentation continued at the SOVA jewellery boutique in TSUM. Guests had the opportunity to meet Ivan Frolov, the founder and creative director of the FROLOV brand, and try on the new jewelry collection centered around the wild rose.

Among those who came to support the collaboration were Solomiya Kyrylova, Iryna Danylevska, Anna Lukashevych, Kostyantyn Pytylenko, Olha Chaika, Iryna Soponaru, Viktoriya Semerey, Volodymyr Zavodiuk, Anna Kovalchuk, Lana Kalyushko, and Maryna Robotko.