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FROLOV Bridal Collection

FROLOV Bridal Collection

Ukrainian brand FROLOV presented the first bridal collection.

Love, passion and sex are the phenomena that often inspire FROLOV. They are key in the brand’s DNA and the heart is its symbol.
Love, passion and sex are essential attributes of a wedding or engagement. The FROLOV brand accompanies these holidays with its outfits. The wedding history of the FROLOV brand began with the family history of Ivan Frolov. In Ivan’s first wedding dress, his sister got married. And the designer calls his mother the muse FROLOV Bridal collection and dedicates his first bridal collection to the story of her love.

According to Ivan, working with brides on customized images gave him a sense of the absolute diversity of moods, approaches and characters of couples about to get married. That is why each look of the first wedding collection FROLOV is individual, but characteristic and easily combined with other items of the brand. The idea of ​​diversity is emphasized by the filming casting and location, because each hall of the House of Chimeras is filled with unique emotions and stories.

Thus, one of the most mysterious buildings in Kyiv – the House of Chimeras by architect Gorodetsky – became the location of the first wedding campaign FROLOV. Shooting in this location was an old dream of Ivan Frolov – and finally the mood of the collection and the house completely coincided. The team of the brand was lucky to get into a mysterious historical building and realize their own creative idea.

FROLOV Bridal consists of two clothing lines: women’s (bride) and men’s (bridegroom). The images of the collection are designed for different parts of the wedding. But they are free of any restrictions, because the bride can choose both a boudoir nightgown and a jacket or suit for the official ceremony.

In every image, comfort is a crucial factor. FROLOV Bridal allows the bride to feel free and do whatever she wants on this holiday. None of the wedding images will become a one-night-garment, but can be transformed into an evening out of any important event.

Images of men are also diverse. From the maximum festivity of white tie, the absolute classic – black tuxedo, to light silk shirts, vests and pants.

The color range of the collection is not limited to the classic white, milk and sparkling shades – it contains red, black and beige.

One of the key elements of the collection is handmade roses. “The white roses that my father gave my mother when he asked for her hand became a symbol for me of the beginning of my parents’ love story. A separate dress in the collection is even dedicated to the photos where my mother holds these flowers in her hands. And the wedding photo of mom and dad inspired me to use the aesthetics of different eras of the last century, “- says Ivan Frolov. In addition, the rose as an image permeates the entire history of the collection and is found in the sculpting of the location, bouquets and decorations of the wedding cake.

The epoch was also reflected in lace. Some designs are archival vintage samples of the legendary French factory Solstiss, which have long been discontinued.

Friends of the brand became models of the campaign: Natalia Gotsiy, Layah, Denis Gryshchuk, among them there is even a real couple. Photographer of the official campaign – Christina Podobed. Ivan Frolov shows his alternative view of the collection in his own photos. Traditionally, the launch of the new collection is accompanied by a video directed by Yuriy Dvizhon. 

Video director ‒ Yuriy Dvizhon @dvizhon

Photography ‒ Kristina Podobed @kristinapodobed

Creative producers and style ‒ Ivan Frolov @ivfrolov, Olaa Zhyzhko @olaazh

Makeup ‒ Yulya Zalesskaya @yulyazalesskaya

Makeup assistant ‒ Sasha Nosikova @sasha_nosikova

Hair ‒ Julie Stets @stetsjulia

DOP ‒ Alex Lubensky @localradio

Campaign edit ‒ Yura Katynsky

Color ‒ Kostiantyn Lishchyna @colorist.lishchyna

Producers ‒ Anna Lu @_anna_lu_, Yelyzaveta Polych @lizapolych

Production assistants ‒ Maks Sereda @maks_sereda, Alexander Nelen @aleksandrnelen

Music ‒ Vivaldi. Four Seasons

Concerto no 4 in f minor op 8 rv 297 winter allegro non molto

Performance ‒ National Ensemble of Soloists “Kyiv Camerata”

Conductor ‒ Vitaliy Matiuhin

Sound Editing ‒ Mazhora


Julia Goridenko @famous_sociopath

Old Nyc @old_nyc

Shaquille Homalley @___shaquille

Karpova Kateryna @justking

Layah @layahmusic

Denys Gryshchuk @grishigiano

Nataliia Gotsii @nataliiagotsii

Dmitry Galushka @dmitrygalushka @balls.models

Kseniya @kisena_doctor @catb_agency

Glowree @ecosmodels

Casting ‒ Olaa Zhyzhko @olaazh

Flowers design ‒ Aleksandra Arsalani @mutabor_mutabor

FROLOV wedding cake ‒ NAMELAKA @namelaka.kyiv