Ukrainian Fashion Week



Lithuanian designer Milda Jankuvienė, the founder of the Mild Power brand, presented her work at Ukrainian Fashion Week for the second time within the Fresh Fashion platform.  The debut took place last fall.

The designer has prepared 20 costumes for the fashion show, some of which will be for men. ” I also have several regular clients – fighters who create images for the competition. I like working with men’s fashion,” – says M. Jankuvienė.

For several years, the designer has been very interested in frequencies and how they affect humans. The scientific study of a tissue frequency found that the highest frequency tissues are linen and wool, making the latter dominant in this collection. When creating clothing constructions and textures, Milda mixed Mild Power’s current boxing theme with femininity, supplementing it with ‘vibrating’ textures. The collection is based on a pattern of diamonds and hearts, which symbolizes power through tenderness and love: “I love myself, my body, my soul and I invite others to do the same. Not for others, just for yourself”

 Since last autumn, Milda Jankuvienė has become a lecturer in the fashion design program at Kaunas University of Applied sciences: “I met a whole bunch of extremely interesting and talented people. It really motivated me and opened my eyes to how different we are all, fun and very strong, you just have to be able to connect to the right frequency”.