Ukrainian Fashion Week

DZHUS SS25 at Berlin Fashion Week

DZHUS SS25 at Berlin Fashion Week

The ascetic setting of the performance invites us to witness the Last Supper mystery in a metamodernist interpretation. Allegoric conventionalism of movements and the semi-interactive format create the sensation of spiritual initiation, as designer Irina Dzhus translates the thought-provoking narratives of the “ANTICON” collection, presenting a range of innovative multipurpose outfits. The location choice could not be more symbolic: the DZHUS show was at the Kabbalah Centre in Berlin. The allegoric decorations DZHUS imposes in the pure, futuristic space are missioned to raise questions and accumulate anticipation of the act. DZHUS plays a tricky intellectual game with its audience: having shown, in fact, nothing else but abstract minimalism and opted out of dramatic storytelling, the conceptual brand succeeds in stimulating a range of associations on the verge of conventionally acceptable. 

As a brand with a Ukrainian soul, DZHUS considers its duty to support its country’s people in this challenging time. Despite the label’s relocation to the EU since the beginning of the war, its SS25 collection was fully produced by Ukrainian craftswomen and the soundtrack was composed by Hennadii Biliaiev from Kharkiv. 

For Irina Dzhus, BFW was a starting point in her private desert wandering. A life-determining personal situation has coincided with DZHUS’ first Berlin show, starting a sequence of dramatic events. An ingredient of the deepest trauma, that ultimate debut has, at the same time, become a forever emotional trigger and stimulated unprecedented spiritual and personality growth, lifting her creative imagery to the next artistic and conceptual level. 

The SS25 performance also marks Irina Dzhus’ initiation as an international poet (little known, she has been writing since childhood). The author accompanies the mystic act with her intricately written, symbolic verses dedicated to her sensational experience. 

For the DZHUS brand, BFW has also opened immense development opportunities. Having won the Berlin Contemporary contest four times in a row, the Ukrainian label has gained a unique network within the German fashion scene and precious experience in international sales and marketing. The DZHUS team is extremely grateful to the Fashion Council of Germany and the Senate of Berlin for their trust and generous support from season to season. Show partners: the Berlin Senate, Compose PR, Project Hype.

Composer: Hennadii Biliaiev 
Lead makeup artist: Dasha Larsen 
Lead hair artist: Soh Kogasaka