Ukrainian Fashion Week



BEVZA’s SS’24 collection is dedicated to the passionate and conscious young generation who are determined to contribute to a peaceful future.

The visual inspiration behind the collection remains central to the brand’s core color of white. Blooming marigolds will be a central accent on the collection’s clothing as marigolds are a traditional flower sung by people, writers, and poets for ages in Ukraine. Marigold or Chornobryvets in Ukrainian, symbolize optimism and revival. Where you plant a marigold, it will sprout. Svitlana Bevza explores the idea behind the collection.

“Marigolds are my grandfather’s favorite flowers. In honor of his memory, for 20 years on my balcony in Kyiv, I used to replant the seeds he gave me. I was forced to leave my home in Kyiv, but I kept his memory with me. I want these flowers to sprout everywhere.”

Other central details found throughout the collection are tulip petals and spikelets. The fragile and tender tulip petals can be seen in the SS’24 collection on the skirts and the bottom of the dresses. Spikelets can be seen on the bag’s hardware and jewelry. BEVZA included spikelets because they symbolize fertility and rebirth.

The SS24 collection contains three central traits: youth, sustainability, and hardwork. Caring about the revival of artisanal craftsmanship, BEVZA’s collection has traditional ancient Ukrainian jewelry made of beads appearing in the modern handmade details of the dresses. Continuing their work of sustainability, many of the pieces in the SS’24 collection are made with zero-waste fabric technology.

BEVZA continues their efforts to keep and create jobs in Ukraine while representing the nation on an international scale. Their mission continues to focus on the betterment of Ukraine.

Producer – Maksym Nekrasov
Style – Svitlana Bevza
Line Up Stylist – Alina Kotsiuba
Casting – Olena Shkoda
Soundtrack – Nastia Vogan
Photographer – Dan Lecca and Gregoire Avenel
Hair: Oribe
Makeup: Submission Beauty
Photo – Dan Lecca