Ukrainian Fashion Week

Andre Tan SS24

Andre Tan SS24

The new collection of the Ukrainian brand ANDRE TAN “Touches” combines minimalism with elements of ethnic motifs and splashes of bright prints. Designer Andre Tan continues to work with the theme of femininity.

“Today, many Ukrainian women, unfortunately, do not have the opportunity to feel the touches of their husbands. And the embrace of children is something that even in the darkest times reminds us of why we live and fight. That’s why I decided to name the collection ‘Touches.’ Of course, it cannot replace the embrace of our loved ones. However, this clothing was created with love and made in Ukraine to remind every woman of what is most valuable and to support her in anticipation of our victory. And also, it encourages carrying out daily tasks and remaining beautiful under any circumstances,” Andre Tan explains the theme of the new collection.

This time, the designer added something unexpected to his design decisions—a goose. The goose is one of the collection models and plays a very symbolic role, helping to emphasise the importance of family values.

According to Andre Tan, the goose for him is a symbol of the ancient Ukrainian home and cosiness. “I love to revisit memories of my childhood: summer vacations at my grandmother’s, the feeling of something stable, unchanging, family comfort, native land, a warm home, and tasty food. Childhood is when you look at the world with big eyes, where everything amazes you. That’s why we decided to involve the goose — in this way, I wanted to convey those childhood feelings. It was guided by them in creating the collection,” the designer explains.