Ukrainian Fashion Week

[S’AIVO] Charity in Vienna

[S’AIVO] Charity in Vienna

8 cult items from Ukrainian designers will be sold at an auction in Vienna
From October 1 to 2, Vienna will host [S’AIVO] Charity Market, Ukrainian Designers’ Pop-Up and charity auction

The first [S’AIVO] will take place on October 1-2 in the very heart of Vienna at the MUKHA concept store. The event will consist of three formats: a charity market, a pop-up by Ukrainian designers and a charity auction within the “Support Ukrainian Fashion” Initiative from Ukrainian Fashion Week.

“Fashion not only inspires and beautifies. Fashion can be a weapon in the fight against violence and injustice, for tolerance and equal rights, for freedom and independence. During the full-scale Russian war in Ukraine, fashion helps fight for life. The [S’AIVO] project will raise money to help those who suffer the most from the war – orphans and those in hospitals… I believe that [S’AIVO] will not only introduce to the guests the Ukrainian fashion brands but will help every guest to feel their involvement in a humane and bright cause”, – Iryna Danylevska, founder and CEO of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

During the two days of [S’AIVO] in Vienna, the Charity Market and Charity Pop-Up Store will offer exclusive vintage clothing, accessories and shoes, as well as items by Ukrainian designers ARUTIUNOVA, SIDLETSKIY, VIKA ADAMSKAYA, OLIZ and NEARON. Ukrainian designers Nadya Dzyak and Anna Arutiunova will be special guests.

The main event will be a charity auction, which will take place on October 1 at 5:30 p.m.
The lots of the [S’AIVO] auction will be 8 iconic items from Ukrainian brands BEVZA, FROLOV, NADYA DZYAK, the COAT, KSENIASCHNAIDER, GASANOVA, SLEEPER, ETNODIM. These garments have been seen in the wardrobes of world-famous singers, actors and politicians at different times. Yes, guests will be able to purchase sneakers that were spotted on the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska, in which she met the First Lady of the United States Jill Biden, an embroidered jacket chosen by Volodymyr Zelensky for the World Day of Vyshyvanka, gloves from the cover of Vogue Singapore, which complemented the image of Dodja Cat, a balaclava like on Justin Bieber in the video “Honest”, Charlotte’s pyjamas from the cult series “Sex And The City”, jeans spotted on Sophie Turner and a dress like on Kylie Minogue or Maye Musk. The ninth digital lot is an exclusive NFT GUDU from the 21 DAYS OF HOPE collection.

“These are iconic things in the history of the Ukrainian fashion industry. The main glossy publications of the world wrote about them, they are recognized by star fans and there was a real fashionable hunt for them. I am grateful to all the brands that responded to our invitation to participate in such an auction. This is an opportunity to once again remind about the unique role of Ukrainian designers on the world stage and, of course, to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in the extremely difficult time of the war,” says Yelyzveta Ushcheka, co-organizer of [S’AIVO].

The stakes are expected to be high and made with good intentions, because all the funds raised at the auction, as well as part of the profit from the charity pop-up of Ukrainian designers, will be transferred to the KOLO charity fund, which supports the project “Childhood without War” aimed at helping evacuated orphans from hot spots in Ukraine.

All funds received from the charity market will be transferred to the HELP UKRAINE CENTER for the purchase of scarce drugs and medical equipment for hospitals and clinics for children and adults.

# [S’AIVO] Partners

Support Ukrainian Fashion Initiative – co-organizer
HI EYE – co-organizer
AES Consulting – partner
Altamira – partner
MUKHA – venue partner
Weingut Mayer am Pfarplatz – partner
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