Honcharenko Bohdan is Ukrainian designer, founder of the brand HONCHARENKO. He debut at Ukrainian Fashion Week in a collaboration with KOMASHNYA in 2015. Now he is the regular participant of Ukrainian Fashion Week, who creates shoes for such brands as: LAKSMI by Maryana Steshenko, J. Perekriostova, Kir-Khartley, ROUSSIN by Sofia Rousinovich.

Shoes by HONCHARENKO are an art of searching for a balance in simple forms, lines, a variety of textures, a wide color palette and accessories. Each pair of shoes has its individuality and extraordinary design. The premium natural materials: leather, varnish, nubuck and suede used.

The HONCHARENKO brand is working to create stylish comfort for you!

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Kozhumyatska street, 12g

Kyiv, Ukraine



Katerynynska street 25

Odesa, Ukraine