The brand's philosophy is based on
intelligent provocation and unhidden
sexuality of the looks, on harmonious
combination of each detail, on the play
on the edge of the permitted and forbidden.

Elena Burenina

The brand stands for innovative design,
impeccable cut and true creativity.

Through artistic vision, strong construction
approach, materials, the brand interprets
the idea of conceptual, aesthetic fashion.

Elena Burenina

The style of the brand is built on contrasts:
intellectuality and seriousness with a keen
sense of humor.

Designers work with contrasts of colors
and tones, heat and chillness, risk
and official styles, trying to combine

Artem Klimchuk

Clothes by ARTEMKLIMCHUK turn into
a mix of flowing silk and rough-cut hems,
a mix of pea jackets and hand-made

Artem combines different textures
in the same color.

Artem Klimchuk

Boldness, sexuality, confidence
and uniqueness are the main motives
of LALLIER. Designer uses an exclusive
eye-catching design, high-quality materials
and extraordinary silhouettes.


The brand's design concepts are based on
interaction and transformation
of construction modules, aimed to create
new aesthetics of the form.

DZHUS is a vegetarian-friendly brand.


Geometric silhouettes, art prints and cross-disciplinary collaborations are the key features of FINCH. In 2020 the brand takes steps towards digital: in February the real collection was scanned in 3D and presented virtually using the Augmented Reality Instagram filters. In September the semi-digital clothing is released in collaboration with FFFACE.ME: two basic items that have 6 augmented reality looks inside. The AR clothing supports sustainable consumption: one physical piece may feature unlimited AR looks.


Inspired by the dance costumes,
Anna Arutiunova shows synergy and
contrast of bright dresses for stage
performances to a comfortable uniform
for training.


RYBALKO brand uses prints, application,
beads, sequins and lace to create chic but
comfort outfits. Each dress of the brand
is unique and exquisite.


ROUSSIN pays attention to the social
problems of today and finds effective ways
to solve them. In this case, each collection
is marked by innovative developments
and is a symbiosis of classics and sports.

Julia Kros

Juliya Kros is creating the intellectual
fashion. Emotion and idea are conveyed
through asymmetry of the cut and
deconstruction. Restrained colors
and monochromism emphasize the
versatility and complexity of the design.

Julia Kros
Darja Donezz

The DNA of Darja Donezz creates
a clear identity: loose-fit dresses, flying
silk fabrics, unique prints and patterns.

Each collection is a manifesto of femininity,
sensuality and romanticism.

Darja Donezz
Annette Gortz

Clothes by ANNETTE GORTZ are always
original and progressive.

'Style – is a person, not the clothes.
And fashion should help the clothes not to
conflict with personality.'

Annette Gortz

Feminine, streamlined soft tailoring, and
the helm of Lake Studio sits designer duo
Anastasia Riabokon and Olesya Kononova.

Lake Studio only works with premium
fabrics, putting great emphasis on exclusive
prints, artisanal crafts, exquisite cut,
and great storytelling in each collection.