Ukrainian Fashion Week

Fashion Inclusia at UFW

Fashion Inclusia at UFW

There are many people in society who, after being physically injured, face the employment issue. The CSO “Active Rehabilitation Group” in partnership with Ukrainian Fashion Week, with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, implemented the project “Fashion Inclusia”, which is aimed to help people with disabilities to succeed in self-realization.

During August-September 2021, 30 people with disabilities learned fashion photography, fashion make-up and styling of fashion shows with professionals: Valeriia Veduta, Varvara Barto and Tatiana Boyko.  Participants chose one of three areas and learned the basics of the profession.  They had the opportunity to listen to motivational lectures from a photographer and a model with a disability, got advice on self-management and consultations with a psychologist.

 After theoretical studies, students of the course took an internship at the 49th Ukrainian Fashion Week.  Ten finalists who worked at the backstage of Ukrainian Fashion Week were selected through testing.

 “People with disabilities can have practice on the backstage side by side with make-up artists, stylists and photographers due to the Fashion Inclusia project.  Once upon a time, I suggested that UFW General Producer Volodymyr Nechyporuk and I can make a project together that would involve people with disabilities in the fashion industry.  That’s how the idea of ​​conducting theoretical and practical training for creative professions arose”, – project manager Ulyana Pcholkina comments. (From NV interview)

 All participants have successfully passed the exam and can further develop themselves independently.  Ulyana Pcholkina noted: “The main task of the Fashion Inclusia project was to provide people with disabilities with tools that can be also used beyond fashion week.  It is extremely important to continue development, and focus not only on participating in Ukrainian Fashion Week. Undoubtedly, the acquired knowledge and skills can help to achieve success in the fashion industry, but it depends more on the people`s efforts.  For example, I was lucky enough to attend Paris Fashion Week in 2020, not only because I took part in a pilot project, but also because I was able to channel the acquired knowledge in the right direction”.

 Thus, disability is not a fate, as there are now many opportunities of learning and development for people with disabilities.  One of them has become the project “Fashion Inclusia”, implemented by the CSO “Active Rehabilitation Group” in partnership with Ukrainian Fashion Week, with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.