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Experts and nominations of Best Fashion Awards 2021

Experts and nominations of Best Fashion Awards 2021

In 2021, the twelfth Best Fashion Awards ceremony will take place.

Launched in 2010, BFA is the only professional award in the fashion area in Ukraine.  Over the years, the BFA has become the main tool for objectively determining the leaders of the Ukrainian fashion industry.

 Every year the Award updates the list of experts. Credibility of their professionalism and objectivity is the main guarantee of the Award’s authority.  The fate of the BFA 2021 nominations is decided by 26 experts – fashion editors, critics, fashion stylists.

 This year Best Fashion Awards will be presented in 10 nominations.  The six existing nominations capture the achievements of designers in their professional area each season.

 In 2021, the BFA organizing committee launches 4 new nominations, which are intended to highlight the contribution of designers to the development of global directions that are  important for the fashion industry of Ukraine.

 Best Fashion Awards 2021 nominations:

 “Social Responsibility” Award is given for caring and active citizenship – for the designer’s contribution to solving a relevant issue of the country, citizens or communities.

 “The Best Fashion Innovation” is awarded for the integration of the latest technologies in the collection – production or materials, or in the format of the collection presentation.

 “The Support of Emerging Designers” is awarded for great activity in professional support of young designers, contribution to the development of a new generation of the fashion industry in Ukraine.

“Saving Traditions of Artisanal Craft” is awarded for contribution to the preservation of traditions of handicrafts, the usage of traditional techniques in modern collections and rethinking the national heritage.

 “The Best Womenswear Designer”.

 “The Best Menswear Designer”.

 “The Best Accessories Designer”.

 “Sustainable Fashion” (supported by DHL Express).

 “The Discovery of the Year”.

 “The Breakthrough of the Year”.

 Experts of Best Fashion Awards 2021:

 1. Amosov Yurii – L`Officiel Hommes UA, senior editor.

 2. Burynska Oleksandra is an independent expert.

 3. Vlasov Philip – Vogue Ukraine, editor-in-chief.

 4. Ganopolska Anna –, managing partner.

 5. Danyevska Iryna – Ukrainian Fashion Council, the head of the Expert Committee.

 6. Dir Dmytro –, editor-in-chief.

 7. Zabuga Sofia – Elle Ukraine, editor in chief.

 8. Zemskova Anna – Kyiv Academy of Media Arts, curator of the Fashion course.

 9. Koval Marusya – TSUM Kyiv, marketing director.

 10. Lagutina Kateryna – Marie Claire Ukraine, head of the brand.

 11. Lerman Yaroslav – independent expert.

 12. Medvedev Vadym – independent expert.

 13. Mygotina Mariia – L’Officiel Online, editor-in-chief.

 14. Mokhova Mariia – L’Officiel Ukraine, editor of the Fashion department.

 15. Nenya Polina –, project manager.

 16. Nilov Olexiy – L’Officiel Hommes UA, editor-in-chief.

 17. Osadcha Nataliia – Elle Ukraine, director of the Fashion department.

 18. Pashchenko Olena – Helen Marlen Group, creative director, buyer.

19. Popova Kateryna – ELLE.UA, editor-in-chief.

 20. Primachenko Yevgen – stylist.

 21. Pryschepa Oleksiy – independent expert.

 22. Skvarska Yevgeniia – stylist.

 23. Tatarenko Iryna – Marie Claire Ukraine, editor-in-chief.

 24. Turbayevska Iryna – independent expert.

 25. Fedorova Violetta – VOGUE.UA, editor-in-chief of the website.

 26. Khromtsova Juliia – HDFASHION & LifeStyle, editor-in-chief.

 27. Yurusheva Yelyzaveta – businesswoman, patron of projects that support young designers.