The accreditation starts on August 1 and finishes on August 28 

To receive the badges for mass-media, that give you the opportunity to visit fashion shows and events of Ukrainian Fashion Week, you have to:

- fill out accreditation form;

- call the press-department of the organizing committee of UFW to receive the confirmation of accreditation: +38 (044) 428 76 47 or send e-mail to;

- the Organizing Committee has the right to refuse to provide the accreditation for Ukrainian Fashion Week;

- information about receiving the press passes will be indicated on our website and as well as sent to your e-mail after the accreditation is over.

Media accreditation:

- accreditation for printed and online media is provided only to 1 journalist and 1 photographer;

- accreditation of television media and information agencies, the composition of the group could be agreed separately.

Dear journalists, please pay attention that the application for the accreditation can only send up till August 28!

You will receive your confirmation on email. The Organizing Committee has the right to refuse to provide accreditation.

Press-department of UFW phone: +380 44 428-7647 or email