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 ETHNIKA at MIDA 2022 in Italy

 ETHNIKA at MIDA 2022 in Italy

The Ukrainian festival ETNIKA is going to the largest fair of craftsmen and artisans in Europe MIDA 2022, which will take place in Florence from April 23 to May 1.

The creation of a stand from Ukraine at the MIDA fair was initiated and organized by the public association Made in Ukraine and its leader Yulia Savostina on the fourth day of the war. Yulia and her project Made in Ukraine have been revealing to Ukrainians and the world the beauty and richness of traditions of Ukrainian creative masters for 9 years.

Soon, on the Ukrainian stand, Europeans will be able to see the real Ukrainian ethnicity and the talented, living, bright Ukraine for which we are fighting against the Russian invaders.

Preparations for the fair were very difficult, as the war in Ukraine broke all logistics inside the country and threatened even the existence of some workshops located in areas close to the front. But the masters, organizers and volunteers were able to work together to collect invaluable products from all over Ukraine to show them in Italy. This is a cultural and creative heritage for which Ukrainians are fighting – our history, traditions and the world future of a beautiful, talented Ukraine.

The fair will feature two types of works – unique folk arts and crafts, which have no analogues anywhere in the world, and modern rethinking of folk crafts. The participants of the Ukrainian stand are not mass productions, but folk craftsmen who inherited their talents and skills from their ancestors. Their works, collected with the assistance of the State Agency of Ukraine for Arts and Art Education, have world artistic value. The European Community will consider Serhiy Ivashkiv’s Ukrainian ceramics, Ruslana Honcharuk’s bedspreads, Valentina Tkach’s home-woven carpets, Andriy Paslavsky’s kobza and Maria Pikush’s folk painting.

In addition, Florence will show modernized traditional skills: pottery, wood carving, glassmaking, weaving and embroidery, and other crafts. Craft brands include the Saga Pottery, Dyka ceramics and Druzi.ceramic collections, Yukush glass, Beavers Approved wood and Woodstuff, Gushka wool bedspreads and Vereta wicker blankets, Wood Mood candles, Lay Concrete and Zapashna.

Visitors of the ETNIKA stand will be accompanied by well-known Ukrainians who are currently forced to stay in Italy and Central Europe.

MIDA 2022 will take place in the Florentine fortress Fortezza da Basso for the 86th time. Due to restrictions, the fair took a break for two years, so it returns in April 2022 with new strengths and ideas. But, as traditionally, MIDA will collect the work of about 400 artisans and creators. The aim of the International Crafts Fair in Florence is to show the world the modern diversity of crafts that are evolving through the constant interaction between traditional practices and the latest technologies. A special place this year will be occupied by the stand of Ukraine.

The organizer of the ETNIKA stand at MIDA 2022 – Made in Ukraine with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy and the State Agency of Ukraine for Arts and Art Education, media support –