Zinaїda Lihacheva

Zinaїda Lihacheva

zinaida likhacheva is an artist and designer. her paintings are living by its own rules in a particular painting-decorative world of fantasies that are the result of deep emotional experiences of the artist.

For artist Zinaїda Lihacheva fashion domain is another instrument for realization of her ideas. That is why her presentations of collections, being a form of visual art, often can't be measured by fashion show limits and grow into installations or performances.

Fashion creativity of Zinaїda Lihacheva is basede on ethnic moidern style. The artist is inspired by traditional ukrainian themes, images and techniques which she masterly fits to the limits of contemporary art. Much attention is devoted to prints on fabric: it is a re-interpretation of ancient ornaments, architectural elements of Kyiv, Shevchenko paintings and much more.

As a clothing designer, Zinaida Lihacheva successfully debuted in 2010 at Oxford Fashion Week with a collection titled 'The Sunlight'. The collection was called the most feminine and modern.
Creativity of Zinaїda Lihacheva inspired renowned British designer Jean-Pierre Braganza, who used 'Transformation' and 'Touch' paintings of the artist as prints for his PHOENETHEUS collection presented at London Fashion Week.

Art works of Zinaїda Lihacheva were demonstrated in different countries worldwide within numerous group and personal exhibitions. Starting from 2010 the artist has been holding personal exhibitions on the following platforms: 'Shcherbenko Art Centre', Kyiv (2014), National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Arts (2013), 'Small Gallery', Kyiv (2011). As for the group exhibitions, the artist has been exhibiting her works on such platforms as ARTVILNIUS'14, Vilnius (2014), PULSE New York, New York (2014), Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen (2013), Cutlog Paris, Paris (2013), Science Museum, London (2013), MOYA, Vienna (2013), Miami River Art Fair, Miami (2012), ARSENALE, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv (2012), Centre of Contemporary Arts 'M17', Kyiv (2012).

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